His Escape From The World

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

To escape the stress of the world at large

He seeks a place where he can lay and rest

In the arms of a woman fond of him

He satisfies his hunger for her breast

As he suckles hard from her nipples sweet

She soothes and comforts him, stroking his hair

In her bosom he feels rare peace of mind

Lost in her breasts he’s without any care

He looks at the time and says he must go

Trailing her nipple across his closed lips

She tempts him to stay for an hour more

Gazing into her eyes he grabs her hips

Pulls her onto his lap and latches on

Persuaded by her he gives in to greed

And drinks more sweet nectar from her nipple

Lovers satisfying their mutual need

26 replies on “His Escape From The World”

Thank you ❀

I am definitely going to try more. Although I think I am more of a story writer than a poet.

I have written another longer poem all about the excitement of orgasms. I know that might seem a bit full on….but it is a more a mix of fun and excitement than anything.. I have scheduled it to be published in a few weeks time.

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I should tease you and torment you and make you wait for it! As any respectable sex kitten would do!!!

I just looked at my scheduling though and it is going to be published 10th October. That is a long time to wait!!!

I’ll take a peek at it and see if I have a short sample for you.

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I’ll send a short section privately.

I trust you not to claim it as your own πŸ™‚

Anyway….your poetry is obviously a million times better than anything I could come up with! ❀

Love your mix of romance with lust…as it should be!

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Thank you, Jenna! I appreciate that. Trust me, I would never steal another writer’s work. The creative inspiration behind every work is always our own unique masterpiece. And you’re being modest. Your poetry is fantastic!

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You are very kind Jenna – l do indeed love sexual and sensual pleasure and all the trimmings – l was an escort in my younger days and it was never a job if you know what l mean, just a really pleasurable hobby that l got paid for handsomely πŸ™‚


How interesting! Is an escort more about accompanying someone at parties and restaurants, or does it always lead to some sexual experiences? I imagined an escort would be more of standing in as a date than having a private physical experience.

I am new to writing erotica. I just published a couple of books and my boyfriend told me a blog would be the best way to promote them.
I have read a lot of other content online and some if it is scary (for me…makes me feel like I am sheltered). I think I like to think about and write about sex in a more dreamy, romantic, pleasurable, erotic way. I am comfortable with writing explicit descriptive scenes, but I don’t like what seems like violence or abuse. There is a lot of content about incest too which won’t be appearing in my writing.

After what I have seen this week, I think I am going to promote my blog as one that captures a positive pleasurable side of sex and is not ashamed to say that great sex is great.

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I was a male escort with extras should the client ever wished it. I just always was busy with being eye candy and enjoying the extras.

I have just been reading on your blog, funny when l saw the name l thought of nipples before l read your about.

Well l have a series starting soon about my own experiences, similar to how you describe your writing …

It hasn’t started yet, apart from a few introductions and l too do and will be writing about the joys of sex – l know we live in a world of the malignancy side but l don’t have any experience of that either.

Kudos to you Jenna, sex is awesome and needs to be promoted in a healthy manner, write as you are – l have a few published erotic authors follow me, and they agree with you – sex is great.

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That’s so flattering. Thank you.
I have tried to think ahead and I have scheduled one post to be published every Saturday for the next three months. I am also trying to join in with some of the blogging games and group link-ups. I got myself into trouble yesterday by joining in with one that said it was family friendly, so I better be careful.
Do you do any group blogging stuff?

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Hey Jenna, l used to to respond to some of the prompts – but l haven’t properly for the last five six weeks due to the house move. There is plenty of prompt styles to respond to, but you have to be careful to not take on board too many as they can become overwhelming.


Yeah there seem to be loads of them out there. It’s kinda cool in that I can use them for ideas.
But as I am writing openly about sex and foreplay, I don’t think I would be allowed to link my posts to all of them. A blogger pointed that out to me yesterday. She was real nice about it though. My bad. I didn’t read her post properly.

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Well Jenna, you can answer and respond to prompts but not all needs to be sensual or sexual responses πŸ™‚

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