Long Distance Romance Leads To Creative Flurry

I seem to have the curse of attracting men who want to be in a long distance relationship with me. Perhaps “curse” is a strong word. But it is a serious challenge!

My first ever boyfriend moved to the opposite side of the country. Besides our occasional visits, we used to write to each other and call each other. I was devoted to him. The seven year courtship that spanned hundreds of miles came to an end after he moved back home. When we started spending more time together, it became obvious that we had both changed. So sad!!

It has happened several times to me…and in all honesty, I decided long ago that I do not like the challenge of long distance relationships. Imagine how I felt when my current boyfriend who lives a few miles from me, was planning to go abroad just as the travel industry was coming to a standstill due to the restrictions put in place by governments in their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Well…with thousands of miles separating us for several months, we tried all sorts to excite each other. However, technology was not on our side. Phone signal was unreliable. Video was never going to work…he had no privacy and I have too much pride! So instead we decided to send naughty emails to each other. From those naughty emails, two novellas were born. I would firmly categorize them as “literotica” as they contain explicit accounts of sex and foreplay.

They are both available on Amazon and I am going to use this blog to occasionally plug them. I am also going to use this blog to write about intimate subjects and to create erotic fiction and poetry.

One thing that the social distancing restrictions has taught me is that physical contact is very important. I am so glad that my boyfriend is now back with me and I can enjoy hugs and lots of other contact with him, both tender and erotic. While he was away my boyfriend inspired a lot of fantasies and we are now harvesting some of those ideas to create posts for this blog.

I would advise that most of these posts are for adults only, but to make it very clear to readers who prefer not to read explicit material, I will include an advisory notice at the start of posts wherever I feel this is appropriate.

16 replies on “Long Distance Romance Leads To Creative Flurry”

Fabulous idea – this is very: if life gives u lemons – make lemonade’!
I’m sorry about the LDR – I’m not sure younger me would’ve coped well with that – although I bet I give good e-mail!
Looking forward to reading more.


Thank you ❤
I have been looking at other blogs and decided that rather than publishing lots of posts all at the same time, maybe I should choose a regular schedule to publish? I have prepared my next ten posts and set them to be published one each Saturday.
They are a mix of personal tid-bits (or perhaps I should say tit-bits) and also erotic fantasy fiction.
If I have time, I may post more often, but if feels good to have something set up to make sure I stick at this new adventure.

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That sounds a good plan. If you want to build/ expand your readership, perhaps linking your posts up with some regular memes is something you might consider. Try this one or this one Both accept your posts linked up, for the “price” of displaying their badge on your post and an embedded link to their meme. I can vouch for their hosts, May More and Marie Rebel being very encouraging to new bloggers. xx

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The use of prompts definitely stretches you as a writer. I shall check out that link – well done you for investigating what others are doing. Let it inspire you but don’t feel tempted to blog /share anything you’re not comfortable with, there are all types of blog styles out there that attract readers and followers.


That’s true, Jenna. I don’t consider myself a natural poet either, not in rhymes anyway. But I find that when I feel the sensuous flow in my body, the words follow. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. 😉


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