Prince Charming Seeks A Playmate

I grew up on Disney princess stories, believing that one day Prince Charming would appear on a white steed and whisk me off to his palace. For that reason I have made a princess of myself.

As an adult I realized that although there are charming men out there, their expectations were so vastly different from my own. I don’t want to make any blanket generalizations, because it is my belief that everybody is different. But some of the most charming I met, who were very sweet and lovely in so many ways…were actually seeking a playmate.

There is one Prince Charming who inspired the character of Simon who appears in the sequel of my two part series “LOST & FOUND”. He was such a gentleman in so many ways. I am sure I will tell you about the many romantic gestures he made and how easily my heart became wrapped up in him. Even the way we met was incredibly romantic, something he could not have planned, as we were complete strangers.

But as soon as we made love…which I will admit to you was the night we met (the one and only time I have had sex with a complete stranger) I realized that he had a huge appetite for sex. Sex with “Simon” was amazing. My relationship with him was one of the most confusing periods of my life. I was ready to give up everything to be his. The combination of him being romantic, respectful and a true gentleman in real life made me fall head over heels in love with him. He quickly tried to pour water on the flames he had stirred within me, by warning me that he was a rogue (a wholesome rogue we decided) and that he was not looking for anything “serious”.

However, we were lovers for a whole year. I think we would still be lovers today, if not for his moving to another land. We are still in touch, and to me he will always be the lustful Prince Charming who got away. I guess to him, I was an adoring sweet playmate that he became very fond of.

You can read about the character he inspired “Simon” in “FOUND”, the story of Leah Carter’s erotic experiences.

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Simon in many ways reminds me of my divine masculine. I really enjoyed reading your post and I am happy I have found your page. Sending you love.

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