The Plan

I have been preparing a little plan for RASPBERRY RIPPLES…and if you have enjoyed the posts I have published so far, you may be pleased to read what I have in store for you.

This is a new adventure for me, but I am a quick learner, and I can see from looking at other blog sites, that rather than publishing a glut of posts all at once, it would be better to have a regular publishing slot.

So, every Saturday for the next ten weeks, I have a post ready and waiting to be published. What will you see? I have two main themes to my writing. One is pure fantasy fiction. It is based on conversations and erotic emails between my “Ben” and some past lovers (I don’t have many exes, but they all made a profound mark on me). I have realized that there is a distinctive difference in styles amongst literotica writers. That’s ok, each to their own. But I think you may notice, I write erotic fiction with a more romantic, dreamy feel to it.

I had a peek at lots of other literotica sites today. Without mentioning anyone else’s site, I have to admit that violence, abuse, aggression, incest…they are not in my ballpark at all. My take is, people will write whatever they want, people will read whatever they want.

So, although there are explicit descriptions of illicit sexual activity, maybe my writing is more soft-centred literotica…hey I even include characters falling in love and being whisked off to Paris, I must be a true romantic after all! One aspect of the fiction I feature is a fetish a lover of mine had a serious passion for. He was particular taken with large breasts and loved to suckle from them. So some of the fantasy erotic fiction is inspired by his ideas.

The other theme on my blog is more of personal take on sex and foreplay, relationships and romance, regrets and dreams, confessions and questions that I would love to hear your opinion on. I was also inspired by one blogger who writes brilliant erotic poetry to have a try at another erotic poem, and I am quite proud of the results.

So there you have it, a mix of fantasy erotic fiction and a little poetry, mixed with candid personal accounts. At the moment, my plan is to publish one post every Saturday. Surely it’s the weekend that most of are able to let our hair down and reconnect with our inner yearnings. So, I hope you will look out for RASPBERRY RIPPLE posts and enjoy what I have prepared for you.

Love from Jenna…xx

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If you find a story or author in literotica, it’s like finding gold! Most of the stuff isn’t very good, I agree.

I tend to go for the erotic side more than the porn-y side of sex. Lots of gentle foreplay and all that. Happy to have stumbled on your blog.

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Thanks Cassandra ❤

I guess each person has different tastes, and I don't think I should knock anybody else's writing. But I noticed there is some very niche stuff out there…that I would describe as hardcore.

After what I have seen I think perhaps my writing is much more softcore. I love writing descriptively about sex, but I mix in a lot of emotions and make a bit more of a story perhaps of things.

In the books I wrote, I have a character who is intensely lonely and who falls in love with a guy at work, He introduces her to some kinky stuff. When things go wrong with him, she can't stop thinking about sex…so the rest of the book is a series of sexcapades with different partners. The sequel shows my character more grown up and starting to think more about what she wants in life…but a major part of that is finding the right person…so there is more sex. But i do throw in all sorts of storyline along with it…

I don't know, I guess I am enjoying defining a style of my own, and I hope that if I am enjoying what I write, others will like reading it.

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I understand. I’m on a similar path although my focus often isn’t sex so much, but rather foreplay, anticipation. The slow build.

I will check out your books, sounds intriguing. I do need to get through a stack first so it may be a while before I get to yours.

Happy writing. 🙂


Hope you enjoy 🙂

I have scheduled a post for every Saturday for the next three months to make sure there is a framework in place. But I have also been joining in with other bloggers games and link-ups and gaining inspiration from them. So this week has turned out to be a busy week for the blog. I don’t think I am always going to be able to give it so much time, but as time and inspiration allow, I will keep adding more.

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That’s great advice. Thanks.
I think I have given it a decent start. I am hoping anyone who looks at the little flurry of posts I have already published will get an idea of what is to come.
I class it as dreamy romantic explicit erotica.

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