ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

We walk along hand in hand through the old cobbled lanes

Gazing at quaint cottages and Georgian window panes

He leads the way up steps ascended a million times

As he unlocks his blue front door, my arousal climbs

The moment we’re alone, pushes me against the door

His hand slips into my panties and starts to explore

His kisses are intense, no lip action, it’s all tongue

Pushing down his pants I see a penis thick and long

After Des allowed me to have a good old fumble

We landed on his bed and shared a thrilling tumble

I never imagined I would have sex with my boss

But now I’m his favourite, with me he’s never cross

So if ever I make a mistake when I’m at work

Being reprimanded for my error is a perk

Des takes me home to administer playful spanks

Then we always make love so I can express my thanks

For letting me off when nearly everyday I’m late

And reassigning work when I’ve too much on my plate

Sleeping with my manager has made my life easy

It works for us even if you might think it’s sleazy

6 replies on “Reprimanded”

I am grateful that you drew it to my attention Sue. I just started writing short posts/poems to support two books I published.

I have been looking at lots of other blogs to learn from them how to go about blogging and I noticed that there are many out there writing in response to the same pictures and themes. It seemed like a good way to get involved. But I should be careful to check first.

I feel like I am learning by error. Thank you for being so kind about it.


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