Bikini Bloopers


As I reading from other bloggers and learning how to run a blog I have come across all sorts of blogging games or group activities. A blogger picks a theme and then others write up a post to fit the theme and then copy and paste their post into the comments of the original blogger’s theme post. Well, that is my understanding of it anyway. It’s a chance to link up with other bloggers. I can see that there are a lot of very different styles and genre of blogs, and after a blogging blooper I made yesterday, I probably need to be careful which group blogging games I join in with.

So far the themes that have inspired me have been related to colour. yesterday I tried out a noir theme, tomorrow I have a rather blue fantasy fiction post ready to be published. Today I am taking part in a yellow theme.

My first thought on the theme of yellow was itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, which gives me the chance to talk about bikini bloopers.

I am going to confess I do not get on with bikinis at all. I could fill this blog with all the embarrassing bikini stories I have, occasions when I ended up exposing more of myself than I intended. I think that being top-heavy can make flimsy bikini tops pretty pathetic.

Did I just call myself top-heavy? Wow! I never thought I would dis myself like that! I am proud of my beauties. I have gorgeous large round breasts with tiny little nipples, that are pale normally, but my boyfriend likes to turn raspberry pink. Top-heavy is no way to describe a woman’s alluring bosom. But back to my point – bikinis are a nightmare!

The only way I can wear a bikini is if I just stay laid out on a sunlounger all afternoon while my boyfriend fetches drinks and snacks, and volunteers to regularly apply sunscreen. If I do venture into the pool, I have to gracefully slip into the water, via steps or a ladder. Diving and jumping into the water whilst wearing a bikini are a no no – as I can confirm from the many times I forgot that and ended up in a panic.

On one occasion when I jumped into the sea from a boat we were relaxing on, I lost my bikini top, and nearly drowned in my frantic efforts to find it before it sank to the bottom of the seabed.

Beach, Beautiful, Girl, Model, Person

The other thing is that if I do walk around in a bikini, people stare, I mean really stare. Although I love the attention from the man I am in a relationship with, I don’t like being ogled at. So, I stopped wearing bikinis long ago (except in the privacy of our garden). I wear an unflattering one-piece swimsuit, and if I am walking around the pool I always cover up with a floaty scarf or sarong.

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A friend of mine’s oldest daughter (21) has a similar misfortune with bikini which lead to a rather awkward day by the river at a party one time

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Well….if she does, I think with the right men who appreciate her beauties, she will have a lot of pleasure ahead of her. I have found that the case. I am fortunate that my lovers have lavished my breasts with so much attention.


Initially it was for her private viewing as we were a little away from the main body of the party (hence her deciding to discarding the top)


Not the rest of them but some of them did because she rather loudly exclaimed that I am rather well endowed


Basically two of her friends and her middle sister (19) wandered over and I reluctantly revealed all to them


Well….it sounds as if it had the potential to lead to at least two of you making sure you got together for more fun together later?
I think that if I was enjoying a little peep and feel show with a guy, I would be hoping that at some point we would end up in bed together.


Well, I had sex with all four of them over the course of time, and the older sister and her friend were adventerous later in the evening with myself and some of the guys left


I didn’t shag them all on that night lol.

Later on was ummm interesting bought on by the friend asking how big our respective penises are


They seem to enjoy it. Both girls were top heavy, and out of the guys I was the second largest, one guy was ridiculously huge


Thanks Sue, I have just started this blog to learn how to go about blogging I started looking at lots of other articles people had written. I noticed that lots of people were using the same pictures or subjects and a few people explained these group link ups. But I think I am learning quickly to look for linkups within the same genre.

One of the bloggers I linked to very kindly and tactfully pointed out to me that her link up is for family friendly posts. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone.

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I’m not sure what else is out there in the same genre. I’d say it’s just trial and error until you find what you are looking for.

If I were you I would continue to take part in any prompt that takes your fancy, but why not give your posts a rating. Adults only etc or something similar.
That way your visitors can choose whether or not to read on. My guess is that given human curiosity most will read on.
All the best, Jenna.

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Thanks Sue

Some of my posts which were very explicit I have made sure there is an advisory notice right at the top, so that anybody who prefers not to read adult only content can give it a miss.

On my actual site I make it clear it is adults only, but I think a lot of bloggers are just looking at prompts within the reader itself. A blogger pointed out one linkup host for erotic fiction, so I am going to try to join in with them.

i class myself as more dreamy romantic erotica compared with some of the content I have seen on WordPress which i find rather scary. But I don’t want to start judging anyone.

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My own view is that if one is not willing to accept all responses to their challenges, they shouldn’t host them on a personal site.
My partner and I set up Weekly Prompts purely as a challenge site, we each have our own personal sites where we do not set challenges.

You are more than welcome to take part in our challenges. If it’s clearly marked at the start that this is Romantic Erotica I cannot see why anyone should have a problem with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am in total agreement with my partner Susan. If your material is labelled as ADULT CONTENT then please feel free to continue posting to our WEEKLY PROMPTS blog site. If we lived in the Victorian era then we would all be shocked by your brazenly creative bent. But in this day and age when there is an amoral president creativity should never be stifled. My partner Susan has said it all and we welcome you to our weekly blog site. Good luck with your writing career. ๐Ÿ™‚

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You guys are awesome! Thank you for your support.

I am new to writing. This all started when my boyfriend was assigned to an overseas post. We were missing each other like crazy. So we tried all sorts to keep each other “excited” when an ocean was between us. Phone signal and wifi being terribly unreliable, we ended up sending erotic emails to each other. When he came back we looked at what we had written and it was over 100,000 words. So Ben suggested I try to make a book out of them. We came up with a storyline and in the end created two novellas – a young woman who falls in love and when it all goes wrong, tries internet dating and goes a bit wild trying to meet someone else she can love. It’s literotica so there are a lot of steamy scenes throughout.

The second half of her story we made a sequel is hen she is a bit more grown up in that she knows what she wants. She meets the perfect guy for her….only he does not want a permanent relationship, he likes the bachelor life too much and prefers casual relationships. She is gutted. She meets another guy who falls for her big time but she is still not over her “Mr Perfect” and in the end she has to make a choice – what does she really want out of life? Who does she want to be with?

Although there are a lot of steamy scenes in both books, there is also a lot about what is is like for a woman to grow up and try to find happiness. There are a few surprise twists to try to catch readers out.

After publishing the two novellas we want to use the blog to promote them and also we want to keep writing and developing ideas so that our storytelling improves and we don’y become stale with the same descriptions of erotic scenes.


Bravo! I applaud your article. There is nothing to be offended by in its content. When the bikini song made its debut in the early ’60’s people listening to the tune were imagining the girl struggling with her dilemma of being both sexy and conventionally covered until her top floated away at the beach. Thank you for that reminiscence.

You did not indicate your age but as you stated bikinis are not your forte today. U think that the songs from that “innocent age” were more suggestive than anticipated. You took this chance with your article above and it hit pay dirt.

Never be afraid to express your creative side. That creative spark is part of the human spirit.

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Thank you! This was my honest feelings on bikinis. Unless I am in the garden sunbathing, I am just not comfortable in them.

I am in my thirties….it’s a good age to be. I am really enjoying writing with Ben. We enjoyed the working on the novellas. I think we might have a lot of fun with this blog too. I think for the most part I veer to romantic steamy erotic fiction….but we are having fun with a more “slap & tickle” style at times just to inject a bit of fun in everything. If every story was emotional it would be flippin exhausting!


I remember as a youngster our family and some of their friends went swimming at the local river and one of the friends said something like โ€˜watch thisโ€™… duck dived came up for air and exposed her chest for all to see….. made me very very uncomfortable. However as I matured, that uncomfortable feeling soon disappeared hahaha.
Women are a blessing from God, and as such should be treated with the utmost respect. Love reading your stories ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


Hi jenna , I’m new to your blog and the blogging world so it’s been facinateing reading your stories and responses to comments. Maybe I’m just being a man when I say I don’t see anything wrong with describeing yourself as ‘top heavy’. Also the day my wife walked up the beach in a white bikini with her dark nipples turning heads was the proudest I’ve been of her. The guy I was sitting with didn’t know her so as she walked our way he nudged me and told me to check out the nipples on this chick! As the three of us talked I watched his eyes flick to her chest many times. It made my day even better when I told her later , her response was “I know”.
I’m looking forward to more of your stories.


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