Lost Love

I saw that a blogger has asked writers to use the theme “LOST LOVE“…and I thought this might be a great opportunity to tease you with a taster of what you can read in my new romantic erotic novella entitled “LOST”.

Why did I call the novella “LOST”? There are so many reasons. She has lost love, she loses some of herself and she definitely loses her way. I will be letting you in to more delicious details about her love life in future posts.

I don’t want to give the story away, but my main character meets an older man. As I have already told you the novella is romantic erotic, so you can expect things between these two are going to get very steamy later on in the story. Here is an excerpt to entice you:

“I lost my father when I was a teenager. He was in his late forties. He had been playing squash and he had a sudden heart attack on the way home. I never had chance to say goodbye to him. I watched my wife’s health deteriorate. It was awful to see her suffer. I could never replace my wife. Neither do I want to disgrace her. But I know how precious life is. I am the same age as my father was when he died. That frightens the hell out of me. I want to live. I want to enjoy life. I want to be in a relationship…but it has to feel right. It won’t work if it doesn’t feel right.”

I reached across the table and took hold of his hands, “This feels right to me. Does it feel right to you?”

It seemed as if a dam containing his emotion gave way. There was relief all over his handsome face but I could see his eyes were slightly moist. In an irresistible husky tone, he said, “I can hardly believe that you…I mean you’re here. I never thought we would get to here. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

I had never seen this side to him. He had always come across so confident in his messages. I had never seen a vulnerable side to him. I wanted to reassure him that I was really pleased to be sitting with him and that I felt lucky to be on a date with him. I wanted him to get lucky tonight, with me. Boldness rose within me. I whispered, “Tell me the truth, do you like this dress? Are you glad I wore it?”

He looked at my face. I was smiling at him and still holding his hands. I watched as his gaze lowered to my cleavage. I leant forward allowing him a more generous view of my bosom. In a low voice he complimented me, “You are a very beautiful woman. That’s stating the obvious, you’re gorgeous in fact”.

I whispered to him, “Do you like everything you see? I chose this dress because I wanted to please you”.

He timidly responded…

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