fantasy fiction

A Blue Summer Afternoon

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

It was a relief to escape the oppressive heat of the sun as I turned up the into the mews where he rented an apartment. The shady steps up to his front door gave me the chance to cool down. When I entered his home, he looked at me and told me I should shower. He was right, the walk through the dusty city streets on such a sweltering day had left me covered with perspiration and mire.

I left his shower room wrapped up in just a towel. Monty smiled at me and offered me some hot apple tea. It was crisp and refreshing. The sweet sensation on my lips and tongue revived me.

“You are even prettier than the last time I saw you,” he grinned as he put his hand around my waist.

Bashfully my smile broke and I bowed my head forward to receive an affectionate kiss on the top of my forehead. I asked him, “Have you been busy?”

“Very! Work has become crazy since so many people are working from home. I would never have imagined that so many employees working from home could become so lucrative for an IT support company. I should not complain though,” he shrugged, “That’s enough about work. You are here to help me unwind”.

Responding to him, my hands wandered beneath the fabric of his shirt and roamed around his warm skin. His heady cologne was making me dizzy. I pressed my lips against the top of his chest and then moved my hands to start unbuttoning his shirt.

He stood there breathing deeply, his torso expanding and contracting as he slowed his heartbeat down. He admitted to me, “I have been very stressed. I need a relaxing afternoon”.

I nodded sheepishly, knowing that he always dictated the pace of our playtime together. His hand tugged at my towel, and he viewed my naked body sternly before asking, “Would you like a massage?”

Monty had told me before that in his thirties he had trained as a masseuse so that he could give messages to the woman he used to be married to and friends. Whenever I tried to massage his back and shoulders, he would advise me on my technique. I imagined that to receive a massage from him would be very enjoyable.

Soon I was laid out on my back upon large towel above a message table that Monty had unfolded. He used a pungent message oil more pervasive than his expensive cologne. Monty’s firm hands circled my breasts and shoulders, the oil enabling a smooth gliding motion without any friction. At first it felt very amorous, but as he continued his hypnotising movements, I began to feel sleepy. The message must have lasted at least twenty minutes, perhaps longer.

I was roused by Monty deciding that rather than sending me to sleep, it was time to wake me up. I felt his the tip of his middle finger begin to massage my clitoris. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He knelt to kiss my cheek and breathed a compliment into my ear, “Beautiful puppy, I’ve missed your sensational tits. I so often wish you were with me at night so that I could suck them hard”.

Monty had a thing for breasts. I knew I was one of his favourite paramours because of my heavy bosom. He loved to play with them and preferred for me to always be topless when I was at his home. Right at that moment, it was not my breasts he was stimulating. His middle finger had found it’s way down to my vulva and he slowly inserted it deep within me. He slid it in and out slowly at first, before increasing his speed. Realizing he wanted a reaction from me, I moaned and bucked my legs. He slowed his pace again and began to crook his finger, concentrating on applying pressure to a sensitive area of my vagina.

As pleasure mounted I closed my eyes and smiled in delight. Once Monty’s finger was dripping wet with my juices, he licked his finger. He then scooped me up in his arms, lifting me from the message table and carrying me a short distance towards his bed, where he sat on the edge with me sitting sideways in his lap, with my arms around his broad shoulders. I thanked him for the wonderful massage.

“I am tired Kaziah, let’s rest this afternoon. The heat is draining all my energy.” I was always compliant with Monty. He was at heart a gentleman and respectfully made sure I consented, even when he wanted to debauch me. Perhaps it was because he was so much older than I was that he made me feel like a princess.

We made ourselves comfortable on Monty’s silk sheets. I was a little further up the bed than Monty, with three pillows to prop me up. He curled up close to me so that he was close to my bosom. It was the perfect way to spend an unbearably hot afternoon. A blissful contentment descended as Monty’s lips and tongues enveloped my nipple and areola and he suckled from me.

It made an entrancing change from all the afternoons we had spent with me tied up and blindfolded, while Monty satisfied his lust having energetic intercourse with me in whatever position came into his mind. I liked the tired Monty, the man who was overcome by the blistering summer and the demanding stress of work. Seeing this gentle side to him, feeling the exquisite sensations of being rhythmically suckled was a shade of blue I had not enjoyed before, a blue that I found refreshing.



8 replies on “A Blue Summer Afternoon”

Being a gentleman is a good thing Dave. Don’t lose it.

I honestly think I have been blessed with the men I have been involved with. They were just the right mix of gentleman and lusty sexpert. It always worked well.

I wrote this thinking about sex on a scorching day. I don’t have the energy for anything too energetic when it is real hot, but relaxing in each other’s arms, gentle fondling and other sweet intimacy is nice.

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