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My mom used to write articles for breastfeeding journals, providing tips and promoting the benefits of breastfeeding a child in their first few months. She was passionate about breast being best. I inherited more than my mom’s shape, I also inherited an appreciation for breastfeeding and here I am writing about it. However, I have never had children, so it is a different type of breastfeeding that I am referring to.

A friend who I love more than my right arm, told me that “peoples sexualities are some deep, unique and pretty specific rabbit holes”. I have noticed that under the umbrella of literotica, there is a wide variety of content. I think most of us know what we enjoy about sex and foreplay. We may be willing to try new things with the right person, but many of us might try something and decided it’s not for us, or we may have our limits and know for certain without even trying that something just does not appeal.

I think that erotic lactation or dry breastfeeding are pretty tame compared to some “fetishes” out there, but after having two lovers who craved extended suckling sessions, I have an appreciation for ABF or ANR. I have never lactated, but the two seperate relationships I had were with men who loved huge breasts and loved taking nipple and areola into their mouth to suckle for extended periods. Often that was a very peaceful calming experience, one that could be very tender and affectionate. You hear some people saying that is exactly what they want out of an ABF, a nurturing close bond. For others, it is just plain arousing, and leads to other foreplay and sex.

I differentiate the longer sessions of suckling from the fondling and caressing, sucking and licking in foreplay. There are some who yearn to have a long-term committed partner for ABF, and find it very difficult to find one. Sometimes within an already existing romantic relationship, a woman might not enjoy having her partner latch-on and suckle for a long time. Or her partner might not be interested in extended suckling, they might not get any satisfaction or thrill out of it.

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People may encounter a lot of frustration in finding a partner who enjoys the same kind of sex and foreplay that they do, and it certainly does seem that when it comes to ABF, it is very hard to find a like-minded partner. I get the impression that for some people it is too “weird”, probably because they only associate breastfeeding or nursing with the wonderful way a child is nourished in its first months. They may not understand why adults would want to share this experience.

Based on my own experience, I can speak positively. In fact, it is something I do feature both in my romantic erotic novellas and in some of the fantasy fiction and erotic poetry posts on my blog. It’s probably because I have had very positive experiences with ABF that I write about it in a dreamy romantic way. In my case, it was my lover who had that desire, but as I am very affectionate and loving, I found it an act of giving to offer my breasts for him to latch on to and enjoy. It may not appeal to everyone, but for some it is deeply personal, perhaps I could go as far to say, a beautiful experience.

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I make love to a woman, when I am in love with her and not just for short term gratification. In the 5 relationships I have had, sex, or love making, two different things actually, have been unfulfilling and not romantic in the least. Not all is to blame on the women I was involved with. I am no Casanova or perfect lover or human being, I have my faults. I want to make love and be intimate with a woman because it’s fulfilling and wonderful to share that with a woman that I love and care for. I believe you don’t have to see a woman naked to prove she is a woman or that I am a man. You prove that by looking into her eyes and seeing another human being who has a heart and soul. If I ever fall in love, which is highly doubtful that I ever was. I will show the woman love respect, care, tenderness and passion as I have always done in the past. But you don’t find love, love finds you.


That’s such a true and wonderful narrative of real love and love making.

That has for the most part been my own experience. I have only had three lovers (prior to Ben). The two men I mentioned in this post I met and over time I fell in love with them. One of them….revealed to me in conversation that he wanted to suckle from my breasts but was terrified of what I would think of him. I guess I thought it was weird at first, but the more I felt for him, the more the feelings intensified, the more I wanted to give to him. That very first experience with him changed my mind and made me ask why I ever thought it would be strange for him to lay there peacefully gaining satisfaction from my breasts. I think that was the first time I realized that in a loving relationship I could use my body as a gift to my lover. (Prior to that I had a long term relationship with student friend which lasted almost ten years and we had an immature view of sex I feel now.)

Once I focused on love and closeness, getting to know each other, seeing ways we could be of support and comfort and joy to each other, love making became different for me, it became deeply personally and a gift from a heart full of feelings to the man I wanted to support and be a joy to.

He and my succeeding lover were initially attracted to me for physical reasons, but over time we grew to know and love each other. My succeeding lover one day began to suckle at my breast and continued for around 20 minutes contendly. After he was satisfied I spoke to him about it and admitted that my ex (who moved away for business reasons, but we are still “penpals” to this day) had often done the same. Both men referred to ABF and educated me on what a taboo it seemed to many. But because of the way I felt, because I wanted to give to my lover, and because it was such a lovely experience, I was more than happy for both of them to find that contentment that seemed important to them. Other times our love making a lot more varied, energetic and spontaneous….but always from a heart of tender feelings and a mutual attraction to each other. Sex and foreplay became a unique language or symphony between us.

I don’t know about Casanovas! I’d be very nervous if someone was too “smooth”. But if the bond between two people is based on trust and love, then love making can be a beautiful and rewarding adventure. Maybe it is because I have a hugely affectionate nature, that naturally enjoys tactile gestures and I have a meek streak that likes to please and serve. Maybe that’s why I found intimacy was always something enjoyable. I think the men who I have been involved in saw me as someone who worked hard but was very caring and gentle, always careful with my words (it is a complete mystery to everyone but we think someone must have taught me the art of diplomacy because always seem to use words to fondle the people I love) and I like to be generous and hospitable. I remember one of my lovers saying he was used to seeing women who were aggressive, domineering, critical and demeaning and most of his relationships had ended in bitterness. My mom is the sweetest softest women I have ever known, and i think that we must have inherited her traits because I always feel as if the men I meet are relieved to find someone they can rest and feel safe with. I always tell my momma that men are still falling in love with her because of the effect she has had on her daughters.

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I once thought ABF was a strange thing. But that was a very initial reaction. Kinda of like judging a book by its cover. But after giving it a lot more thought,(opening the book and actually reading it!), I realized it is an act of intimacy. It can be enjoyable for both the woman giving and the person receiving. I’ve never given or received, but I wouldn’t mind trying it. I think I’d find both sides quite enjoyable and relaxing! Marie.

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I found it strange idea. My enjoyment grew because my nipples have always been so super sensitive. So when my lover suckled for extended periods, my pleasures was intense He seemed to be in complete bliss. It worked for us. It was a total change of pace from our normal sex life.

Once he began suckling, he started to put a lot of effort into taking care of my breasts and nipples. He would massage them caress them, which was always a very welcome experience.

We have not been together for years, but he still sends me the sweetest emails telling me how much he misses my raspberry ripples. He likes to fantasize about being closer…I have to keep reminding him about my wonderful Ben!!

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It sounds a lot more pleasant than the actual baby-feeding breast feeding! That latch on is intense, can be painful, and sometimes even stressful. (Stressful because here is this crying/hungry person and YOU are responsible to keep them alive…). I think I’d (sometimes) rather like the ADULT version. 🙃

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