Normally, I am a shower person. It’s quicker, more invigorating and even feels cleaner than soaking in a bath. But this morning I wanted to immerse into warm scented water. I wanted to rest my body and totally relax.

My boyfriend and I have been very “active” over the past few days. I think it is since we set this site up and tried to give it a good start. It has clearly stirred his desires, which is another bonus of the creative flurry the absence we endured has produced.

He is supervising this site. I can sense he is being protective over me. That makes me feel warm inside towards him. I am one of those sweethearts who needs fond thoughts to be able to surrender to my lover. Ben is not naturally a “dominant” lover. I think because we have been friends for so long, there is usually a certain equality in our lovelife as with the rest of our life.

However, sometimes he is filled with desire and he likes to become a dominant towards me. This week his mind is clearly very fertile with ideas. Again and again he has wanted my attention. He will pull me or push me away from my desk, or away from my kitchen duties or other housework chores, and he will start to play with me. Playtime might be for a short time or a longer session. It has led to a lot of sticky steamy sex. I wanted to bathe this morning because the scent of sex is all over me after a very active week together.

I read a couple of chapters of my first romantic erotic novella while I was relaxing in the warm water. So far, I have noticed very few typos (I am expecting there may be more later that I need to correct) but as I read, I am noticing repetitive expressions or that start too many sentences with the same word, so I am making notes to vary the language. I want it to be well written. I updated the first half of my manuscript last night and I will complete my edit to the second half over the rest of this week.

The first few chapters set the scene and build anticipation for what is to come. Once she starts having sex, the book becomes more and more explicit. I need to make sure that all typos are eliminated. There’s nothing worse than becoming aroused by a scene and then a careless spelling mistake spoils the moment.

Working hard to make sure you have two delicious romantic erotic novellas to excite you.

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Do you let Ben read your WIP (work in progress)? He can give the male perspective on whether or not the sex scenes turn a guy on. If they do, you may find yourself in need of more baths. 😉 It’s more than a good confidence booster.

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Ben has worked with me on the two novellas, but he does say it shows sex more from a woman’s point of view….although as my main character is a woman, I guess that makes sense.
He normally comes up with the outline of what each intimate session (all the action) and leaves me to weave in the description, the looks and sighs and emotions and sensations. I think we are working well as a team.
We are having fun working on ideas. We have had a few chats about some things we saw this week, and he said we will have to give a few things a try and see if it works for us. We will call it “research” for our next novella…which we are already working on.
Yeah…I reckon you are right, I’m going to be taking lots of baths!

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I was talking to Ben about Leah’s story last night. I have been reading my paperback copy to find typos and I am a third through. I had forgotten so much of the storyline because I was giving more attention to developing a storyline for the sequel. It’s so much fun reading it back…but we added a little intimate scene to one of the chapter’s midway through the book and updated it late last night.

When you are up to the Chapter called “A Whole Weekend With Greg”, let me know and I can send you the passage that we added, because I think it really needed it.

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