Steamy Showers

In my last post I mentioned my sweet scented soak in the tub. Well, that was before the heat began to build. Now it’s hot, very hot! The weather forecast has just said tomorrow will be hotter. I am like a pretty flower. The only way I can survive on a hot day is if you keep watering me. I can be out in the heat, so long as I have lots and lots of water (and a little salt to keep my salt levels up -ever seen what happens to a person when their salt levels fall too low?)

Ben and I just had a brief chat, and I made it clear that as far and he and me playing together is concerned (which Ben seems have a huge appetite for at the moment) tomorrow it’s all going to have to be in the shower. Although there is a lot of lovely lathery fun to be had in the shower, but personally I do not recommend attempting sex…it’s hazardous. Slippy soap suds make it particularly risky.

What is very nice is soap hands gliding over and around every part of you. Playing with cold water to excite each other. Cleaning each other’s intimate parts lovingly. Yes…couple showers are a treat.

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What about you? Do you have any shower stories you would care to share? Or any recommendations for how to keep cool whilst getting steamy with your lover on a scorching hot day?

Are there shower scenes in our new novellas? Oh yes!!! Perhaps one day I will give you a sneak peek at a shower scene involving my main character and a colleague who works a few offices down the corridor from her.

7 replies on “Steamy Showers”

It can moves showers from mundane events to intensely pleasurable. We find the slippery floor has made us more realistic about what we will attempt. But we love how soapy hands can aid a luxurious sensual massage. Very delicious.

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Ohhhh yes……It is amazing how much more sensual water can make moments like this…..damn….. I gotta go have a shower now ….πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


My sexiest shower scene was at the Timber Cove Inn, north of San Francisco forty years ago. The shower had a full length window looking toward the ocean. People on the craggy beach far below had no problem looking up and in. My girlfriend and I gave them something to see.

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