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We Agreed To Put It Behind Us



Once upon a time I was staying over at my boyfriend’s house. We were sorting out some of his things (he is a bit of a collector) to see what to keep, what to chuck, and what could be sold on ebay or a specialist website.

Now, I cannot remember exactly what my boyfriend told me to look for, but he asked me to open a drawer in a large mahogany chest of drawers. As soon as he heard me laugh and say “Oh hello!” he pretty much leapt across to room to grab what I had found and remove it from my sight. I had unintentionally found his collection of lusty busty models in provocative poses.

He face was beetroot and he seemed really mad that I had seen them. I was not sure what the big deal was. We had been lovers for almost three years, by that time we had tried sex in every conceivable position. He had all sorts of ideas to keep our sex life spicy and lively, and I was an adoring affectionate sex kitten who wished to please him. Why was he so freaked out by my discovery that he liked leering at scantily clad women. To put it plain, his antics in the bedroom made me suspect that he had watched a lot of porn in his life.

Woman, Nude, Bikini, Summer, Young

The only revelation to me was that he clearly liked “behinds”. My boyfriend was partial to beautiful buttocks, delectable derrieres, riveting rears, bootylicious buttcheeks. I instantly realized that the whole time I thought he was a “breast-man” because of the way he lavished by bosom with attention, I was deceiving myself. His choice of female asset was asses.

So from then on…I started trying to peek at myself in the mirror so that I could assess my own bottom and judge whether it was up to his lofty standards.

At the time, I hugged my boyfriend, said some pretty words to ease his discomfort, and I told him that I love what he and I had, and I loved what he and I did together…nothing was going to change that. We agreed to put it behind us 😀

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Ahaha this is so cute! My partner and I have been together for TWELVE years and he still is reluctant to share stuff he likes to read with me. He’s the one who reccomend the hentai/manga app he uses.
When we’re pulling up stuff to read and watch together he always tries to push to see what I’m reading and I think it might come from a point of trying to see what I’m comfortable with and not freaking me out but honestly, I’d like to see more of what he’s into. With media, it ALL becomes fiction. Porn, hentai, erotica- even if it’s photos of people or amateur porn. There’s a disconnect to it all so why would we feel threatened? 🤷🏻‍♀️
That might be part of it with him- maybe a showing him yours and making it “even” would be fun? Idk if you read erotica yourself, but the titles alone are fun as heck.

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I do like my boyfriend to know that he does not need to hide things from me. I think it’s healthier if I am aware of what gives him a kick. Then I can help him enjoy spicing up sex within a loving relationship.

He knows that I am a baby….like total baby, if it was left to me if would probably be vanilla all the way. But I love to love. I love giving to him by letting him fulfil his desires. The emotional bond it has forged between us is something that means a lot to me.

I think I am still trying to find my feel, or trying to find a writing style that works for me and hopefully other people will enjoy reading. I have a friend who has published several literotica novels, and when she told me to look at them, I knew I could not write like her. She said they are very popular, so she is obviously doing something right….but her characters were so offensive to each other. I could not help feeling that if a guy spoke to me like that, I would want to punch him and call 911…there is no way he would be getting into my knickers. So I think I have tried to write stories with characters who are smooth operators….and charm their way into my main characters bed. She learns to love sex from delicious experiences…and then as she grows in confidence, she starts to become more clear about what she wants and who she wants in her life. But her journey up to the point of making that decision is a very steamy one.

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Honestly, I think it’s great! You found your own style and voice and themes with writing! That’s super awesome!


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