As this is a blog to promote lovers lost and found, I thought it would be a great idea to tell you what I admire about my lovers (past and present). But for this post, let’s start with present: BEN! The photo above is not Ben (just some random bloke on Pixabay). Is Ben going to let me post photos of him? Scantily clad photos? HELL NO!

I admire Ben. (PERIOD!) I admire Ben through and through. We have known each other for a long time, and we were colleagues and friends before we ever dated. He always says he liked me from the moment he laid eyes on me…well, he sure had an odd way of showing it. That apparently was because I was dating Benedict another friend and colleague of ours. (Benedict and I only dated, we never became lovers.) I remember Benedict telling me how great Ben was. Ben is just a lovely person, and he spent so much time training Benedict and making sure he settled into his new job. After Benedict and I decided we were not right for each other, he dropped a big hint to me that Ben had his eye on me, and he only had praise for Ben.

Ben is just a good person. He helps everyone, he is very sociable and cares about people, always wanting to make sure they are having a good time. Ben is funny too. People always feel great being around him. I love Ben. I am proud, totally proud to be his girl. I love that I get to see the private Ben. Ben is quieter when he is at home. He uses a lot of energy when he is looking after other people. So indoors, he likes to be able to switch off. He is very affectionate though. Ben feels like my best bud. He cracks me up! He is going to be a teenager until he is in his nineties I am sure. Ever since we started sleeping together, our friendship has grown into something much deeper of course.

Ben has a heart of gold, and I feel that in the way he treats me. He always thanks me for everything I do for him (which I do voluntarily) and makes a point of grabbing the dishes after dinner so he can do the washing up. He is not a gift-giver (which suits me just fine) but is very generous with praise and encouragement, and very affectionate. He loves his family, he loves our friends, he loves work, he loves life, he loves me…what more could I possibly ask? Can you see why I have a thing for him?

The first time Ben and I had sex, everything felt right. Due to the friendship we had, we were a little nervous. It was a classic, romantic, vanilla experience, which was absolutely right for two people who had known each other for years who admired and respected each other. To ease the nerves, Ben kept trying to make jokes – it was like a running sports commentary. I remember him saying something like, “Kirkpatrick goes in for the jugular…” as I was kissing his neck. He was talking while he was making love with me. I just laid there, shaking with laughter as he quoted famous lines:

“Open Sesame…going where no O’Connor has gone before (Ben’s brother went on a disastrous date with me once but that is another story) one small step for man, one giant step for mankind….” On “first contact”, he cried, “oooh er misses, it tickles!” I was wondering if he was ever going to get on with it!

But he did!!! And it was great! The first time he withdrew and then ejaculated all over my stomach, he made time to say, “And the crowd all roar as he strikes from the halfway line and he SCORES!!!” There came a stage when I confessed the commentary could be a little irritating at times. I never know what to expect from him…we have had lots of giggles in bed, but over the past couple of years, it has been exciting to get to know each other inside and out. Sex has got better and better.

I have mentioned before that it was only when Ben went overseas that he and I started writing erotic messages to each other. The result is our literotica novellas and now this blog. In addition we are already working on our third erotic novella, which we will tell you more about before we publish it. But this is all adding a new dimension to our sexlife. This past week, the commentary returned. I was laughed when he started putting on an accent and pretending to be “Monty” the fictional character we wrote a story about earlier this week. He asked me if I would like a massage and tried to reenact Monty’s moves on his paramour.

I admire Ben, I love Ben and I am glad that he and I have this personal avenue in which we can be creative and have fun together. But it’s not just fun. Ben and I – there is something special here. I have been in love before. But what Ben and I have is the best. He is the love of my life. He and I will decide what else we are prepared to share about our relationship. At the moment we are having fun with fantasy fiction, but our story is pretty cool. We are a modern romantic fairy-tale with an awesome sex life…and we are aiming for happily ever after… ❤

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