The Look On His Face

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

Mindy (name changed) highly approved of a post I published earlier this week entitled “ABF”. She sent the sweetest thank you and was happy for me to post the part of her message in which she related her first experience of ABF (slightly edited including a change of name):

I was still at primary school when my chest began to grow. I remember the other kids in my class pointing to the two lumps that were becoming more and more prominent and asking me if they produced milk. When we went swimming all the kids would stare at me in fascination, some of them tried to squeeze me but I was quick to push their hands away when I realized what they were about to do.

When I started high school, there were plenty of girls older than I was who were further along with puberty, so it was not so unusual to be wearing a bra. However, throughout my teenage years, my breasts grew larger and larger. It was embarrassing to receive so much attention. Boys in my school year made it clear that they had noticed the size of my chest. There was a boy in my history class who was almost a foot shorter than I was. He used to pin me against the wall and feel my breasts. For the sole reason that he was in a gang of boys who I was scared of, I allowed him to do what he wanted. The busy school corridors prohibited him from going to far, but a couple of times he managed to unfasten a couple of my buttons and I felt his clammy fingers trying to squeeze beneath the gingham bra I was wearing. But even a couple of the male teachers made inappropriate comments…which now I realize I should have reported to someone.

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It was only as an adult that I started to enjoy that my bosom was so large. It gave me a certain confidence that I had powers of attraction before I had put on my make-up or opened my mouth to say anything. I have always loved swimming and ironically it was at a pool when I met two of my boyfriends, and my current boyfriend I met on a day out at the beach with friends. All my boyfriends have enjoyed my bosom and given my breasts and nipples lots of attention during foreplay, but to one of my lovers, my breasts became an object of devotion.

I remember the first time I went on a date with a man I had met through a dating app. I was nervous at first, but as I sipped wine and listened to Dwayne tell me about his work and hobbies, I started to relax. I noticed that he kept on glancing at my cleavage. Eventually, I was emboldened to take hold of his hand and whisper to him that the way he looked at me was making me feel excited.

He paid me a very awkward clumsy compliment on the size of my bosom. The first time he came to my apartment, he and I spent a blissful afternoon together. I will never forget the moment he unzipped my dress. I slipped the fabric away from my shoulders and as I lowered my dress, his eyes widened on the appearance of my pretty bra. “Wow!” was his reaction. He stood back and stared at my bosom, his face overcome with excitement.

He politely asked me if he could caress my breasts. I wanted him to, and told him exactly that. His hands cupped my breasts and felt their weight. He used his fingertips to find my nipples and gently rubbed the fabric causing them to harden. He planted delicate kisses on my decollage and whispered praise into my ear, telling me I was beautiful. He breathed in the scent of my perfume and stroked my hair.

I reached back and unclipped my bra and allowed it to tumble. The look on his face! He shook his head in disbelief and told me my breasts were absolutely stunning.

The next hour was very special. He kissed, licked and caressed my breasts arousing my desire for him. He had already confessed to me before that afternoon that it was a fantasy of his to explore a fetish I had never heard of before. He wanted to suckle from a large pair of breasts. It is something I was alarmed by at first, but he assured me he had no desire to dress up like a baby or to be spanked. He just loved large breasts, but had never had a partner with a large bosom. I was not ready mentally to to play mummy to a grown man. It made me feel weird, but he assured me that was not how he wanted me to feel. Dwayne tried to help me understand what it was that appealed to him about the idea of nursing.

After a yearlong friendship (during which we had sex a handful of times) and a great deal of discussion, I invited him to my apartment specifically to fulfill his fantasy. I know he was overjoyed that afternoon, but I confess, I found it one of the most blissful intimate experiences of my life. I was surprised at how much pleasure he brought by his steady rhythmic suckling. To be suckled from so intensely and for such a long session was quite a revelation to me.

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This is an awesome and amazing story. I’m glad it ended in a positive way that she’s pleased and proud of her breasts as an adult, especially how it could have easily not ended this way with how the heckling started out at a tender young age! ❤️

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