Doggers – At This Time Of The Morning?

Ben has just cracked up laughing as we were watching the BBC Weather forecast. They have this sweet blonde dame, who looks like butter would not melt in her mouth – genuinely lovely. She just dropped one hell of a blooper.

She is over in Greenwich Park this morning. The camera pans around to give viewers a picture of the parched grass. The weather forecaster said something along the lines of “As you can see here in Greenwich Park, it is a beautiful morning, we’ve already seen lots of doggers…” and then a moment later she corrected herself, “Not doggers, I mean dog-walkers and joggers…” and then she continued with her weather report with a straight face and admirable British stiff upper lip despite just telling the nation that at eight o’clock on Monday morning they have seen a lot of doggers in the popular public park.

I sympathise with her so much that I cannot even tell you her name. I have a feeling that a BBC Breakfast News blooper like that will be all over the internet by midday.

Part of me is comforted…even experienced pros make embarrassing bloopers. I keep on spotting typos in my posts and going back to correct them – same with the novellas. I am working hard to improve them for you – but oh how frustrating!

Please – somebody – get that lovely lady a coffee. She probably had to wake up at the crack of dawn just to be able to broadcast to the nation from Greenwich. What a grand old start to her Monday morning! She certainly woke Ben up!!!

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