Erotic Fantasies

A blogger asked me the other day if I have any erotic fantasies that have never been fulfilled. I struggled to come with an answer straight away. When it comes to erotic fantasies, it has normally been my lover with the ideas, and because I am so adoring I participate in making them come true.

So I started wondering if I have any inner fantasies of my own that have not been fulfilled. I finally came up with something that has always been appealing to me, and yet it has never happened.

I love the idea of bathing outdoors (as people would have done for thousands of years). In my fantasy I am bathing in a serene pool of water, near a waterfall. I am not wearing a swimsuit, I am au naturale. Unbeknownst to me, I am being watched (I am sure I have seen this scene in several movies). Of course in my fantasy it is my Ben who is the hunk watching me bathe my naked body.

While I am in the water, oblivious to the world around me, he slips into the water and silently makes his way towards me, finally catching me by surprise. The result is a great deal of frisky frolicking, the two of us touching and groping each other in the cold water.

The fantasy ends with is on the mossy banks under the curtain of a weeping willow. We roll in the sweet scented grass and passionately make love. So….I’m wondering if Ben would be up to pleasing me by arranging for my erotic fantasy to come true? What do you think Ben?

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You will definitely have to test him out, Jenna. To be more direct, a man’s peter will shrink in cold water. That’s what I mean. Warm or hot water is much better, even in the summer, but if a man is so turned on from the inside…. (mm, yes, this is where Jenna comes in with hot foreplay) the water temp won’t matter. He will make it happen. Test him and let me know how it goes. 😘

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I think the word he used was “sadist”…which was not really what I was aiming for!
Poor Ben!!!

However, we had lots of lovely cuddles. It has been so incredibly humid. I think we have taken to laying on the bed and being content with gentler fondling and teasing each other these past few days. It is so hot.

I think showering together is definitely a winner…so long as he keeps hold of the shower head.

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