A Little Sex Education

I told a colleague about that sweet weather forecaster who dropped a blooper at 8am on Monday morning. I love my colleague…he had no idea what “doggers” meant. He had no idea what “dogging” means. I felt like a sex-ed teacher. enlightening him that it refers to engaging in sexual activity outdoors.

In some ways blogging about sex can be a little bit of sex-ed. I have certainly had my eyes opened in the twelve days since we started this blog.

Back to “dogging” – I don’t think anyone explains it better than Fascinating Aida!

If you are wondering what the weather forecaster said…look back at my post “Doggers – At This Time Of The Morning?” BBC Weather at 8am on a Monday morning has never been quite so memorable!


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I can remember learning that dogging was a thing for the first time… quite a while ago now. I remember being rather astonished. People *actually* do this?

Little did I know that in just a few years I’d be one of them.

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Who is Simon? ❤

He was the amazing guy I met when I went on vacation – a random stranger who turned out to be an amazing lover for 18 months. However, he was not looking for a commitment, or a relationship with just one woman. Simon sees no need to limit his pleasures. I love him very much, but to be in love with a man who sleeps with other women when the opportunity comes up is hard if you are the type of person who just wants to be devoted to one man.

I love Simon…and don't want to discredit him (we are still great friends) but I am so glad that Ben wanted me.

This is some of what I have written about Simon:

I am sure I will write more about Simon. But I am with Ben, and he gives me so much inspiration and desire to write.

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Aren’t you an inspiration Jenna, you write so beautifully, u have in fact written something simular of my life however, you did it better, articulate and romantic. To love two differently is extremely brave, different, not for the faint hearted, yet beautiful, gosh I so understand. To love and to love differently for only your reasons, sadness, love, passion, anger, betrayal, sadness, to miss another, to adore the one you love. Well, all I can say is this, what a amazing experience, I would do it all over the same way yet more present and I would do it with passion, understanding, Openness, and love. What is this life without feeling what life offers you and more. Brave lady amazing stories I definitely will read of your life journey lovely, passionate and more of all magestic lady blessings xxx


That’s very sweet of you!
Wow…I only ever receive praise like that when someone is trying to get into my knickers!

But I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy our the post we publish. I am sure there will be more about Simon, but a lot lot more about Ben.


Well, I know Simon would be alright with that!!
But Ben definitely would now! I know that I think more like Ben than I do Simon.

Have your written about your own personal stories? We have been blogging for six weeks so we are still just getting to know other bloggers and their stories.

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Not yet and sort of if you browse through my dribble which i say that with tongue in cheek some of my stuff is rubbish however, i went through a bit of a PTSD moment. Plus, at the moment I am mourning my dad’s loss he died last week and get buried thursday. My story is a little different however, still worth a read when i get the time i have put somethings in my blog however, its probably hard for anyone to notice. i will be maybe on another blog which i will happily provide you with. Mine is more about “them” husband and friend, nothing is better in my book to tell a story about what can happen with a nice ending i guess at the moment it is a little bit confusing to say the least… It is funny when you discover something different about oneself… it has a lot to do with ones journey i guess Jenna xx


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