Too Hot For Sex

ADVISORY: Content suitable for ADULTS ONLY

Last night felt like the hottest night we have had yet. I took a shower after work, and as soon as I stepped out onto the tiled floor, I broke a sweat. Even at 11pm it was still warm and sticky.

Ben and I have spent these icky sticky nights being less frisky than the week before. We have just been laying flat on the bed without even a sheet to cover us and kept a distance. Cuddling was too uncomfortable. What we did do was delicate fondling. Ben would caress my nipples (which I love) and his finger tip would tease my clitoris. I used my hand to gently fondle his penis. All gently gently.

Ben bought a fan a couple of days ago, and we decided to plug it in and try having sex with the fan on. That worked pretty well…but I went from being hot and damp, to being cold and damp in a very short space of time.

This morning when Ben left to go for work, he stepped outside and it felt a little fresher after some overnight rainfall. He told me to step outside and feel the cool air. I was in my robe (just a think one) and he pressed me against his body and kissed me…the first time we have had a proper embrace in a week…well, we no, that is not true, we did have cuddles in the shower.

This kind of weather makes me want kisses in the rain…you know like in the movies…at the end of half of romance novels. Why is standing and kissing in the rain such a turn on?

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I actually just wrote a poem on that theme recently. Yes, kissing in the rain is so hot for her and him. Maybe it is feeling vulnerable completely saturated together, or knowing the next step from having soaking wet clothes is removing wet clothes.

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That may be it….

I always feel as if I look terrible in the rain. My hair is all bedraggled, my mascara runs. Ben looks hot in the rain man. I think it’s the Greek in his family….they go bronze in the summer, and when he looks as if he is made to live his life in and out of the sea. He’s gorgeous.

However….I would win the wet T-shirt competition any day!

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Great post, Jenna! Your mentioning of kissing in the rain takes me back to high school and a rendezvous with my high school boyfriend. I was 17, and we were out hiking in a remote area. We stopped to sit by the river, and…as teenagers do…started to make out. We ended up making love- totally unplanned- right there on the river bank. What was already a pretty romantic moment became unforgettable as it began to lightly rain. When I remember this moment, I can still feel the sensation of the rain on my skin. Oh….to be young again… ❤

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Sounds like our summers here in the south, so hard to get some cuddle time in when we’re damp from humidity 😫


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