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Fantasy In A Meadow


It is a warm day and I go for a walk in meadows full of wildflowers. I run my fingers through the long grasses. When the heat of the day becomes intense I find comfort in the shade of a tree heavy with foliage. I sink down into the grass and loosen my blouse and feel the cool air run over my chest.

Lavender Field, Flowers, Purple, Flora

Looking over to the left I realize I am not alone. I man is leaning against the other side of the tree and he has turned his head to see who it was who has invaded his peace. He looks at me and then looks down at my exposed cleavage.

I recognise that look in his eyes. He is pleading with me. How is that the two of us have happened to wander to the same place when we both needed the same thing? Not knowing what to say to him, I remove my blouse and with my fingers I beckon for him to come nearer.

The stranger edges towards me. He looks into my eyes trying to be absolutely convinced that I am happy with his advances. The back of his fingers run over the top of my cleavage. I lean my head back against the tree trunk smiling. He tugs at my brad strap and loosens it over my arm. His hand gropes around within my bra cup, searching for my nipple.

Lavender, Nature, Flowers, Plants

Already delighted with his confidence I lean forward so that he can reach for my bra clasp and unlink it. He carefully removes my bra and his light up with delight. He comes even closer, while he strokes my breast with his fingers, his mouth takes my nipple and adoringly begins to suckle.

After fifteen minutes, he instinctively manoeuvres so that he can suckle from my other breast. I stroke his hair throughout and let out contented sighs. After he has had his fill, he sits up and rests besides me. His hand reaches for mine and after raising the back of my hand to his lips, he says, “Thank you, you were clearly sent by heaven above”.

Amused, my melodic laughter precedes my contradiction, “We ought to make our confessions to the priest and pray for forgiveness, or else heaven will be against us”.

“Catholic?” he asks.

Lavender, Nature, Flowers, Plants

“Lapsed,” I honestly confess, “Full of sinful thoughts that cannot be tamed. However, I very rarely have the chance to act out my wicked fantasies”.

“Let me sanctify thee. I need a wife,” he proposes without any attempt at romance.

Raising my eyebrow in contempt I challenge him, “Oh you need a wife, do you? And do you expect you to cook and clean for you, and launder your clothes?”

“I have maids a plenty as well as a troop of butlers, manservants and cooks. My wife will not need to lift a finger to care for my estate. She will be my sweet devotion, the lady on my arm, the mother of my children, my pride and joy.”

“You mock me Sir!” I objected.

Lavender, Flower, Petal, Bloom, Blossom

“Far from it my lady. Save me from the contemptuous marriage my aunt is trying to barter for. She would have me wed a fearsome lady of a fortune of some twenty thousand pounds. I strongly object, but she thinks I am a fool. Her influence over my uncle is profound and she swears she will have my inheritance removed and transferred to one of my cousins should I disobey her wishes.”

I stared in disbelief at the stranger, “I have little to recommend myself. I am one of six daughters. The allowance from my Father upon my betrothal will be a poultry sum indeed compared to your chance to be wed to a twenty thousand pound fortune”.

“I plan to enter the church and make my own living,” he replied in earnest.

Laughingly, I teased, “You would have me switch faith and play the vicar’s wife”.

Lavender, Flower, Woman, Bouquet, Field

He gazed into my eyes, “You have already abandoned your faith my lady. I beg you, be my wife. I shall sanctify you. Marry me, you can play the whore in my bed without fear of damnation”.

His direct pleading provoked a desire within me, “Promise me,” I whispered, “That whenever I need my breasts relieved, you will suckle from me like you did just now. If you vow to me that you will satisfy my longings, I will be yours. But should you neglect my bosom, I warn you, I may wander into a meadow and entice another stranger with my comely breasts”.

“I vow to lavish your breasts with attention my beloved.”


….and he has kept his promise to this day. The aunt sadly passed away before he was able to tell her of his engagement. He inherited the fortune from his uncle, thus retiring early from the church.

Maternity, Mom, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Expecting, Baby

Now our five children are all healthy and strong, and all under the supervision of private tutors and a governess, my husband spends his time improving the cottages on the estate and liaising with the manager who oversees his farmland. He regularly shoots game with the neighbouring gentry. Our banquets and card parties have become the fame of the county. The two of us often go out horse riding together on afternoons when the weather is fair.

Since the last of our children was weaned, my dear husband has been able to return to my breasts, and enjoys the sweet nectar I have continued to produce. He has developed quite an appetite for it. He is incredibly jealous and won’t tolerate any other gentleman casting an eye over my cleavage, and yet at his request he has me wear tight corsets and low cut gowns to show my bosom off to the best advantage. He likes nothing better than removing my corset and freeing my aching breasts so that he can soothe them with blissful suckles.

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What a beautiful twist to the story…… from an impromptu meeting of two souls…… melding as one to produce the ultimate gift… life πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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