Guessing Game

Can you guess what these are? I think some of them are real hard. They are close-ups of pictures we took during our site-seeing around the UK. They are all family-friendly photos. To find out the answers, clink the link at the bottom of the pade for the password protected post. The password is simply ANSWERS. I am hoping that when you see the answers, you will understand my cryptic clues!

Please feel free to guess in the comments section below. Why not join in the weekend prompt and create your own post for bloggers to see if they can work out what your pictures really are.

1. Clue: Elevated worship

2. Clue: Sweet scented reproduction

3. Clue: I’m making a mess of this

4. Clue: One of Jane Austen’s favourite crescents

5. Clue: Jurassic ipad

6. Clue: Swage, swageless, shackle toggle and fail-safe

7. Clue: Whip cream


Remember you can discover the answers within this password protected post:

The password is: ANSWERS

9 replies on “Guessing Game”

I think I chose some hard pictures.
They are all family friendly, but Ben said that a couple of the close-ups look rude…they are not supposed to be. I just made it hard to tell what they are.
All the other bloggers who have taken part picked some hard close-ups, so I thought I would make mine equally as cryptic.

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1. Looks like one of those Twister ice-lollies, but it is the wrong colour
2. Erm…not sure
3. Looks like bruising
4. Looks like a tripod…I really don’t know what it is
5. Part of a boat
6. Frothy coffee


Aha! Yes, they all make sense now.
I am from Liverpool originally so maybe that’s why I got that one.

I know Battersea Park very well and I have friends in Bath. Bath is a beautiful city.
I liked your Jane Austen / Charlotte Bronte post. I happen to be with Captain Wentworth. We were separated for years but finally made our peace and declared our love. I definitely avoid mr Wycombes. But I think Mr Rochesters would pull on my heart strings too.

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