Mr Rochester

I make Ben cringe telling him he is my Mr Darcy and that “Simon” was my Mr Wycombe. (I don’t need to tell you that they are two men who make an impression on the main character Elizabeth Bennett, in Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice“.) Ben is very forbearing. Of course every man wants to know which classic literature hunk they are most alike – NOT!

Ben and I have just watched the 2011 adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre“, with half a bottle of red wine. It is years since I read the book. It made a mark on me, as a lot of books have. I have a weakness for men like Mr Rochester. Perhaps I am being unfair to “Simon” saying he is like Mr Wycombe. In some ways he is more similar to Mr Rochester. He was stung by a marriage that I think left him with a bitter taste. I was left blaming his “Bertha” who left him scared of entrusting his heart to any other woman.

As far as I am concerned, becoming entangled with a Mr Wycombe is one of those stages in your growth as a sex siren were you learn to cut ties and move on. But if you ever become entangled with a Mr Rochester, it is very different. Even when they deceive you and hurt you, the urge to love causes you to overlook their crimes. When you split up, they still haunt you with passionate longing. If you ever hear of your former love having suffered in some way, you would climb mountains and ford rivers to be able to scoop him into your arms and be his devoted servant. All would be forgiven.

I know, and Ben knows, that I have a soft spot for “Simon”. In fact, I tried to explain the connection with him in “FOUND“, the sequel in our two erotic romantic novellas.

As it happens, I prefer to be with my Mr Darcy-like Ben. I am secure and loved, thriving and excited by being with Ben. I hope my Mr Rochester-like “Simon” never suffers, or else I would be tempted to flee to his side and become his saving grace. Not at the cost of my Mr Darcy though. Ben would have to come with me and supervise my sweet devotion to my former lover. (Yeah, even Ben just asked me what the hell that means? I dunno is the answer!)

If you have not read the novel or watched adaptations of “Jane Eyre” be warned these two clips contain major plot spoilers.

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Liked your post. It is so tempting to define men by likening them to Jane Austen (and Bronte) characters.
I left you a comment on another post about my Captain Wentworth. I think there is also a little Mr Thornton in him (North & South).

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You talk about Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, two of my favourite books and movies. Especially Jane Eyre I relate to and just watching that love proposal has made me cry.
I love your blog Jenna and thank you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Wow – you are so kind ❤

I think we learn so much about love from Jane Austen and the Brontes. They cover so many different types of relationships (just leaving out the sex).

Jane Eyre is such a moving story. I remember reading it and realizing there were going to be times when I was going to fall for the wrong man, and the right man was going to hold no attraction to me at all. I remember almost wanting to fall in love with a man who did have scars and baggage rather than someone pompous and self-righteous.


I remember reading it the first time and thinking it was a romance from start to finish. But there is so much that happens to Jane before she ever meets Rochester, you are in her head….or maybe she takes over your mind and you start to see everything in her eyes. I think that it was the first time I read a book and I almost became the character, even though I am not at all like Jane. My mind lived her experiences and felt her emotions. So it made everything that happened with Rochester become extra dramatic within me. I was not looking at him through Jenna Kirkpatrick’s eyes, I was looking at him through Jane Eyre’s eyes.

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