Song Lyric Sunday

I have been trying to read posts from all the bloggers who have liked and commented on my posts. I noticed that over the last couple of weeks there are all sorts of group blogging activities. I thought I might have a go at some of them as they look as if they bring a bit of fun and variety to most of the blogs I have been looking at.

One group blogging game I saw a lot of posts advertising was Song Lyric Sunday. In this post the guy who seems to set the theme each week gives an advance notice of what the themes are going to be:

…so I thought I would have a go at a couple of them.


The theme for today includes the word “light”. So I picked a Belinda Carlisle track called “Leave A Light On”, which was written by Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley.

I don’t know how much of the lyrics I need to substantiate my choice…but this is the chorus that features the theme:

Darling leave a light on for me
I’ll be there before you close the door
To give you all the love that you need
Darling leave a light on for me
’cause when the world takes me away
You are still the air that I breathe

…and there is also the line:

Just like a spark lights up the dark
Baby that’s your heart

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