Please Don’t Stop The Music


We were asked to prepare a post about music by Fandango today. I like music, but especially music I can dance to. I am a Taylor Swift fan, but she is not always about the kind of music I can dance to. I like to shake my booty, flaunt my assets and I have been known to twerk the night away. I think these songs sum up my music loves this side of the millenium. Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have been the big three for me.


I like anything that makes me want to jump up and dance. Dance has always been a big part of my life. I had to learn every Beyonce routine.

Including the awesome..

I will add one more Beyonce number to my tracklist (from her Destiny’s Child days):


I am not a huge fan of Rihanna, but I love so many of her tracks man…how can I not include her in my top three?

Here are two more of her very cool dance tracks:


I am not ashamed to admit that “I’m still Jenny from the block” is a favourite, although I sing “I’m still Jenna from the block” – which works!

I think this is my favourite Jennifer Lopez track:

…and I have to include her party anthem:


I want to give a special mention to my favourite musical artist TAYLOR SWIFT!

I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, even though not that much of her music is the kind of music I would dance to. In fact this was one of the first of her tracks that made me want to dance and not just tap my feet. I think she rocks. She can do any kind of music and ace it.

Personally, I would love album Number Nine to be pure dance. You know that when this coronavirus is all over, we are gonna want to get partying. I would love to think that Tay Tay will be the one providing the soundtrack.

2 replies on “Please Don’t Stop The Music”

J-lo and shakira had a timely performance at a Super Bowl (LIV). I have to say my favorite part was the cape/flag — USA and (also USA) Puerto Rico.


Hey Jenna, good line up – in truth l am not a huge fan of them all either – although l do like TS, prefer Jaylo as an actress, like a lot of Rihanna’s songs but not a big fan of hers and Beyonce l can take or leave also – although l did like Destiny’s Child as a group.


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