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Ben is a very chilled person, meaning the two of us rarely argue. But occasionally we have a little squabble over a little misunderstanding. This happened last week. I told Ben I wanted to go to bed early so I could read some of our novella and look for typos to correct.

Ben misheard me. All he heard was “I want to go to bed early Ben”, which he interpreted as, “I want to have sex Ben”. I snuggled up in bed with my book and began reading. I could hear Ben was in the shower. I was just becoming engrossed in a scene where our main character Leah picks up a guy in a nightclub…when I felt Ben’s hands grab my ankles and drag me across the bed towards him.

I looked at him with that “What the hell are you doing?” expression that makes him anxious. (I have a habit of giving him “looks that could kill”, although I never have a cross word for him.) It was enough to stop him in his tracks. He was all like, “What’s up Baby?” I reminded Ben that I wanted to spend time scrutinising the books to find any errors. Ben asked me why I was lying on the bed naked.

Why was I laid out on the bed naked? Well, how do you read literotica? Isn’t it best read naked? As I was reading passages I could feel my nipples harden and my vagina clenching. Surely literotica is not just about building a mental picture, or churning emotions. It calls for an almost interactive experience as your own body responds to the descriptions of the characters engaging in foreplay and making love.

By this point, Ben was in the mood to join me in bed. Coming in and finding me naked was a catalyst for him to want to have some fun. So he put his knees on the bed and reached for the book and closed it. He put it down on the bedside table and began to kiss my tummy. I love it when Ben kisses my tummy, it’s real cute.

He asked me where I was up to in the book. After I told him the title, he raised his eye-brow and told me he could pretend to be Trent if I liked. So the five minutes or so of reading erotic fiction became a very physical experience as we roleplayed, pretending to be our own fictional characters. Writing literotica and blogging about sex as a couple is great fun – I am not going to be shy about stating the obvious!

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Sorry I missed this comment Dave. Thank you ❤
If it was up to me it would be all about Ben. But he is not so keen on me making him out to be some sex maniac and sharing every detail of our sex life. I am alright sharing somethings with Ben's approval. He is encouraging me to write more fiction and poetry. Anything about him he wants to vet first.

I will say this though…we had a wild time last night – aaaah! Ben is still asleep. I am going to cook something he likes. I am spoiling him this weekend.

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You really should spoil him all you can, Jenna. Giving will most certainly give back in so many ways. I just re-read this post and got so hard imaging you reading literotica naked. Hope you don’t mind me saying so. A woman who reads naked is up there on my turn-on scale. I can see why Ben decided to interrupt your reading experience. I would, too.

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Haha, Jenna… so have I, darling. But let’s get back to whether or not that counts as cybersex. Hmm.. good question. While you are writing, if you are turned on, heated, emotionally imagining that sexual experience, or even cum in the process, and I am likewise the same while I read what you wrote, I would say yes, that counts. What do you think?

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Cybersex is a subject I have been meaning to write about. When Ben was abroad for a few months without me (which was real tough for me) two of my exes were checking in on me via email to make sure I was ok. I told Ben they had been in touch. He knows that I parted on friendly terms with my exes. But the more they kept in touch they more naughty their messages were, and yes, I found them stirring. Ben was not ok with that.

So I told him it would be nice to share some naughty messages with him…and we did! That’s how we ended up writing the two literotica novellas together.

Recently, I told Ben I have an idea for a novella, with a title of something like THE CYBERSEX ADDICT. But he is not keen on it. Basically it is a woman who during the coronavirus lockdown starts chatting to strangers. Suggestive comments become erotic emails and cybersex. She can’t get enough of it. She is writing to lots of different men with different styles. I have an idea of scary twist at the end where one of these men tracks her down. But scary is not a genre I have attempted.

I mentioned in conversation to Ben that we could invite other bloggers to get involved and attempt a series of erotic penpal emails which would all go in to the novella (full credits give of course).

Anyway….at the moment I am getting a HELL NO! from Ben. So I might have to see if I have the imagination to develop several purely fictional characters who my main female protagonist has online amours with. They would all need different communication styles….it would be quite a challenge!

Anyway….I will tease Ben and tell him that I am having cybersex with Gentleman Dave and see what he says. Hopefully, he will take me over his knee and spank me…before a night of passion. But as he is working late tonight, it may have to wait.

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Mm, Jenna, your idea of The Cybersex Addict is so good. You know, it doesn’t have to end scary if someone stalks her. You could always have a fictional “Ben” protect her from the stalker at the end, and then give her what she’s always wanted from cybersex with the fictional “Ben”, only in person, and finish with an amazing orgasmic climax that she will never forget. Tell that one to the real Ben and ask him to act out the protagonist hero who rescues her. Then he can make love to you like the fictional “Ben” does to her at the end of the book to give you the feeling of that orgasmic climax. I’m sure the real Ben would approve of that. And if you need hep with a male’s cybersex part, I’d be happy to ghostwrite one anonymously with no credit to me whatsoever. Just email me anything you like. We’re cybersex buddies now, anyway, haha.. Enjoy your spanking from Ben! 💋

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I had to read that a couple of times Dave to take it in…I was stuck on Ben giving me an amazing orgasmic climax that I will never forget.

Ben came in very late last night. I had to wait until this morning to tease him. He bypassed the spanking and went straight in with a very energetic shag. Bliss. He asked me to make sure you are on an entirely different continent and already entangled elsewhere.

He is still not keen on me exchanging any private messages that would be close to cybersex. Ben is very wise and caring, and he has pointed out the potential dangers safety wise and that chatting online with strangers has been the ruin of some relationships. I respect he wants to look after me and us.

So for now you and I will have to enjoy cybersex in the form of the comments we leave on each other’s posts in the public domain. I pointed out to Ben that there is a lot of that already going on. Ben is supervising the site – in a good way – and so far it has been a creating plenty of spark in our sex life.

But I also know that I put Ben through torment in the past meeting Simon just as he was gearing up to ask me out. Ben had to contain his jealousy for eighteen months. He has been annoyed by a guy out here who made a string of suggestive comments about me to Ben. I think this guy is pissed off with Ben and knew just where to wound him. But now is not a good time for me to sweet talk Ben into letting me get some inspiration for a cybersex based novella. He is stressed out here. We should be leaving next week and he is pushing to get things finished on time. Maybe we are back at base he will more easygoing.

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Jenna, from your posts and comments, I really adore you, but as you get to know me more, you will see that I am just a gentle gentleman. I would never want to interfere with or come between anything as beautiful as what you have with Ben. Of course, as far as flirting goes, my mind just paused after you wrote, “for now, you and I will have to enjoy cybersex…” and I don’t think I read anything after that! I just paused there to enjoy that feeling… haha. Seriously, it’s a good thing to be cautious. It’s very good for Ben to watch out for your best interests and protect you. I am glad that he does that for you, among other wonderful things for your benefit as you have described. But not to put much more pressure on him than he needs right now, but the way to stop being jealous of you over other guys is… yes, marriage! You would be his wife, and for a man, there is tremendous security in knowing that he will have a faithful woman by his side. After that, he can easily wave the “married” flag when he wants to protect her. It’s like a wall that stops most men from pursuing. Also, to answer your question, I am not only on another continent, I am all the way around the world from the UK, in Asia! So he can rest securely knowing that it’s very unlikely I’ll be popping by anytime soon. I do, however, have a dream of doing a book signing in London after my novels are published, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon. As far as entangled, I had a sweet dream of being entangled … in a pair of lovely Asian female legs.

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There was so much in your comment…I had to read it a few times.

First of all….are you already in the process of writing/editing/waiting for your novels to be published? What kind of novels are they?

Secondly….you said the M-word again! Maybe I will write a post about the subject. Ben is the darling boy of his family and they want to see wedding bells. When he was younger his folks were excited every time he took a girl home, but they did not realize that Ben had not found someone he saw himself spending the rest of his life with. Ben and have been living together for a couple of years (we only started going out/having sex a month before that). So, throughout 2019, we were growing as a couple. Our families get on, our friends all think we are perfect for each other, and hey, Ben and I are happiest of all. I think Ben was planning something Dave. He did something really special this year for Valentines. But we were already getting lots of information about corona and being told this year was going to be a write-off.

I am not gonna count my chicks before they hatch, but I do know that especially the Greek side of Ben’s family will want a huge wedding. It’s impossible to plan anything at the moment. But as far as being faithful men and anyone else who would try to get into my knickers…that marriage ceremony is not going to change anything. I belong to Ben and next to Ben. He gives me purpose in life. Hard to explain how different my relationship with his is to anything else before.

I have lots of Asian friends/colleagues. Asia is kind of a big place. But most of my Asian connections are from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and China or Taiwan. I know a couple of people from Philippines, a couple from Japan, a couple from Thailand, and one from Vietnam. Some of my friends have moved over to Singapore or Malaysia for work.
I am English…but have family in the States. People in England think I am American. I get bored of everyone calling me their American friend. But I do identify with both. I just have zero interest in American politics because it is brain numbing. I am never sure what I am culturally – just as wherever the breeze takes me. But I am tall, tanned and have light brown hair that goes blonde in the summer. I love Ben’s dark locks – he is Irish Greek American…but I think the Greek is the most obvious culture in the family.

Being entangled with a pair of legs is a lovely place to be. But do you mean there was a lovely Asian pair of legs in your life? Do you currently have no legs to wrap around your body so you can drill into her? lol – you can tell me if I am being too nosey. I just noticed you said you “had” a dream of being entangled, rather than that you “have” a dream of being entangled. There sounds as if there may be a story there.

Ben is going to let me have a little play in a kind of cybersex style next week. Look out at the start of next week for something a little interactive. It’s a two parter. The first post is my response to the 4Thoughts theme of “Kink v Fetish” and at the end of the post is an invitation to share a virtual ABF session with me. You have a special guest ticket with your name on.

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Jenna… let me see if I can try to answer all your questions. I’m so grateful you spend the time to write so much. First of all, my novels. I have written several novels that have been completed but are each at different stages of the editing process. They are in the genre of what I like to call “adventure romance” – which could be labeled romantic suspense (although they are not murder mysteries) but involve travel adventure. I think you’d like them. There are some steamy parts, but they are not erotica. However, I included so much sex and nudity in the first one, it could have been erotica.

Next, about you. Tall, tanned, with light brown hair that turns blonde in the summer. Sounds fantastic. Ben is a lucky man! About me, I’m just over six feet tall, dark brown hair, and athletic. I will post a pic of me on my blog’s homepage under the heading “about me – adults only” for one day. Then I’ll probably take it down because I’m shy and like my privacy. But I don’t mind sharing it with you. Don’t worry – I’m clothed in the pic.

Now about those lovely Asian legs to be entangled in. Yes, I “had” a dream about that, as in a very erotic dream at night, and wished it to become true. I am a white Caucasian American, but I have a huge… fetish for Asian women. As I write about that now, I am already swelling somewhere. Hang on, I must let out the beast to breathe… there we go. It gets uncomfortable crushed in there when it gets turned on. I do have an Asian lover, but I will keep her a mystery for now.

And a virtual ABF session? What is that? It sounds very intriguing. I will look out for it in your posts.

Have a great weekend with your man, Jenna. It’s great “talking” with you.

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lol – we are veering away from cybersex and writing long epistles to each other.

So, yes adventure and romance tick the right boxes – are we talking Indiana Jones?

You are gonna have to let me know when to check out your pic, because I look at your posts in the Reader. And hey, I totally get the preserving your privacy. I am kinda internet shy for security reasons and Ben is very careful. Naked photos or partially clad photos are so out of the question.

Interesting you are partial to one culture. My first boyfriend was short and kinda Tom Cruise look-alike. I dated another short guy who was a lot older than me. Then I dated (not having sex, just having coffee or dinner) a bunch of different guys – Indian, Ghanaian, two who were Spanish, one Portuguese, Romanian, Brazilian, Chinese and then finally I met Simon, who was born in America but bought a house in Oz. Then I met my Irish Greek Ben who grew up in near Chicago. They were all different and I was attracted to all of them at first, but in most cases, something put me off. I don’t really have a fetish or a partiality to one culture though. It’s more about personality. I have to say though, Ben is a gorgeous blend of Greek and Irish. But he thinks mostly like an American. Whereas although my family are American, I think more like the English (I might try to explain that one day).

lol – love you calling your penis “the beast”!

It’s great that you have a lover though. I think Ben prefers the idea of me chatting with people who are already connected elsewhere. He is very wary of people who are kinda obsessive or prone to stalking. I think he watches too many crime dramas, but I know what he means. But he does not have a problem with me talking or writing about sex. He just wants to make sure I don’t get myself tied up with someone who is not well.

Yes….virtual ABF. So…I wrote a post about ABF being a fetish more than a kink and saying how much I loved it, but that some don’t seem keen to try it. So the second parter is a me describing in detail what it would be like to meet up for an ABF session and then see how it goes from there.

This has been a great weekend. I think next week will be tough (more for Ben than me) but we are hoping to be back in England this time next week.

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Please, Jenna, let us not veer too far from cybersex in our writing to each other. Your writing still drives me wild, even when you only imply sex.

Yes, the genre I write was inspired by movies like Indiana Jones that combined action adventure and romance. However, in my stories, I keep a particular focus on the love story throughout, with readers falling in love with both my female and male protagonists, even though they are put in precarious situations.

Wow, you’ve been around the world with dating your ex-boyfriends. Sounds deliciously slutty and sexy if I read into that too much, which I am inclined to do. I’m happy Ben doesn’t have a problem with you talking or writing about sex. He really has nothing to worry about with me. I only want him to make my new friend the happiest woman she can be!

Although a meet-up is appealing, I’m not sure ABF is for me. Although I love the feel of a woman’s tit in my mouth, I usually move on to more sensual acts from there.

I’m glad you had a great weekend, Jenna! Can’t wait till you’re back on home soil. Just so you both can feel relaxed at home. xx

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I agree….we should be content with teasing each other rather than diving too deep into each other’s hidden layers.

Anything like Indiana Jones that is heavy on romance has to be a winner Dave. I know I would be a sucker to read something like that.

lol – I have dated more men than I can remember. But this word “slutty” it sticks in the back of my throat because I have only had a physical relationship with four men. My first boyfriend for more than ten years, a relationship which was almost exclusively ABF and I have only had two real lovers who I was close to on every level – Simon and Ben. Simon loved to call me a slut because of the intense sex we had, but I pointed out to him that I did not fit that label.

Back to all the men I dated. I think I was disastrous to date because I was comparing them all to my first boyfriend. I was physically attracted to all of them, but was quickly put off by things they said and did that killed off any initial attraction I had. So I have had lots of coffee dates, lots of restaurant dinners, lots of days out here there and everywhere else. Some of those guys ticked enough boxes to lead to some smooching and hand holding. But none of them got past first base. I think sometimes I felt I owed them some kissing for them being pleasant and taking me out for dinner, but I had almost always decided I could not see myself with them. Sometimes their awful kissing became the nails in the coffin as it were.

lol – Ben is not going to let me meet up with anyone. It is a purely virtual ABF experience Dave. I think you have said the same thing to me before about ABF and Simon and Ben share your view. It doesn’t make me shy of saying that I crave my lover to suckle me for longer than he may think is sexy.

Have a read through my virtual ABF experience and see whether it stirs you. At the end, I have put things on pause and left it with you to decide what happens next.

I am literally counting the days to get back to base. Things have been weird out here. Ben has become a bit more chilled about it over the weekend. He spoke to a good friend of his who gave him some great advice. Ben seems to think that there is an element of 2020 madness in the air and that mental health/stress are making people behave in ways they would not have done previously. Everyone is challenging authority on every level. So he might see more disrespect in a work context. He feels the way he responds to it is important. But yes, we are both wanting to see the end of what has been much more stressful than usual.

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Yes, Jenna, content with teasing is very good, but diving beneath the layers sounds so hot if we’re talking physically. You see, that was a tease. I know that is off-limits for you, but the thought is a nice one.

I am happy you might like my novels. I’m sure you would.

Jenna, sorry for offending you with that word. I had a feeling you did not fit the label, but I only used it because of my overactive sexual imagination. You seem like such a sweetheart, really, so again I say Ben is so very lucky.

I will definitely check out your virtual ABF experience. It does sound very intriguing.

I hope you come back safe and sound, but please enjoy your time, sweety. 😘


❤ Offended is too strong a word. Don't worry Dave.

I realized that Simon was paying me a compliment in calling me a slut. I found it weird because I knew I wasn't. Being in a ten year relationship during my late teens and most of my twenties made a big mark on my outlook….and I think it probably protected me from a lot of negatives that kids encounter when they go a bit crazy with exploring sex.
The problem was my first boyfriend was really something. None of the men I was dating were anything like him. They all seemed kinda stupid compared to him.

Anyway, my point is, Simon used the word slut as a compliment and I have heard plenty of men say they like women being slutty. But I am not gonna even pretend to meet that bill. However, in bed with my lover, I am a naughty sex kitten – yes.

I am looking forward to seeing your novels published.

I have already started packing, I am so looking forward to getting out of here.

Yes please check out the ABF experience…it would be nice to share it with you.

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I do like the sound of “naughty sex kitten” much more than the word slut. Although I consider myself a male slut, I could use another phrase. What shall we call it? How about “big bad wolf”! The “big” is self-explanatory, the “bad” is naughty, and the “wolf” is a wild lover. I should ask my Asian honey if she thinks that’s accurate. I think she might like that, and we could use the phrase for foreplay. Thanks for the idea, sex kitten Jenna! 💋

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How bizarre – I am watching a documentary about wolves right now!

So this naughty sex kitten has been warned and she will be careful while she is toying with the big bad wolf….for a wolf has a voracious appetite according to the narrator 😉

Simon, who tried to use “slut” or “slutty” as a compliment over the ways I found to please him closer to that label than I was (I am sure he would agree with that). I put it a little more elegantly I think, when I called him my hummingbird:

He liked flowers, of all shapes and sizes and colours. He loved to drink sweet nectar. He loved the pleasure. He came across me….and he was dazzled, and he came back to me again and again and again, more often than any other flower for the whole time he lived here. However, he was never going to devote himself to just one dazzling flower. He still felt the need to taste of the sweet nectar of other pretty flowers vying for his attention. What could I do? I chose to love him. But it was painful. I love him so much, but it some ways it was a relief when he moved. My heart was always filled with joy and pain whenever I had a reminder of his hummingbird ways. He was gorgeous. He saw no need to limit how many flowers he drank from.

I know in the past he was in love. He was married for a long time. I think the hummingbird ways came after he was freed of a marriage in which he was unhappy. He likes all sorts of kinks and has a little black book of names of women who share the same interests. I am sure they have their fun and lots of pleasure.

How differently our brains were wired though. Here was I, a kitten who had eyes for only one master. Who longed for his attentions and would purr contentedly curled up in his arms. A kitten who would play any games her master asked of her, and could contort her body like an acrobat to please him. My hummingbird was my master, and I was his kitten hypnotized by his gorgeousness….but he did not want to risk becoming encaged. I think that was why he wanted to maintain his polygamous ways….his slutty ways.

I was so in love. Ben knew I was in love. Simon is still important to me, but the agony is over. He is now one of my closest friends. Ben is so different. His slutty stage was in his twenties at college. SInce then, he has become fussy perhaps…..but also focused on what he wants.

Enjoy foreplay with your honey. Big, bad and wild is hard for most to resist.

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I think by that definition of male slut, I am far from it. Polygamous ways are not a part of who I am in reality. In fact, Jenna, you’d be surprised who I really am in reality. I put up a good show, but I am just a gentleman at heart when all is said and done, someone who loves to treat a woman right and kiss her hand and dance with her and make her mine, in and out of bed. That’s the real me. I’m so happy that you found someone who is greater than all your ex-boyfriends.

Now, Jenna, I must tell you I read your ABF virtual post. Oh my…. it left me breathless. Although I am not into ABF, I did love your seductive writing style. It was so teasing and enjoyable. I imagined it perfectly, and enjoyed it immensely. 💋

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I am thrilled you enjoyed the ABF session…I wanted to show how delightful it can be. ❤

As for being a gentleman at heart….which is where being a gentleman begins, I can only approve. Being mistreated has done a lot of damage to a lot of people and effected their ability to trust and thrive. So when a woman knows she is in safe hands, she is going to sparkle.

I love Simon and don't like to make him sound like a bad person. He is happy, and what else would I wish for him than being happy and healthy? I count it as a bonus that we still have a special something between us, even though I am now with Ben who made me thrive and feel loved like never before. I am happy. very happy with the ay things have turned out.

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Ben is normally the one with all the ideas in the bedroom. But he has tasked me with the writing and editing.
I love him so much but I really need to make some time to read over our work and spot typos. So when I went to bed early it was to do exactly that. Ben coming in a few minutes after I had started reading was unexpected. As it turns out having sex with Ben is so much better than reading erotica. But still….I will have to make some time to keep working on editing, and he knows that.

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