Blue Diamonds

A friend of mine was telling me all about the discovery of Sildenafil as an aid for those suffering from sexual dysfunction. When I was a kiddo, Viagra seemed like something to giggle at. But as an adult I understand why for some it is an absolute gem.

I cannot imagine being in a relationship where my lover struggled to make love to me. I have taken it for granted perhaps that so far I have never encountered a situation when my lover was unable to “rise” to the occasion.

Sex is kind of awesome in so many ways, and I want to write and blog about the awesomeness of sex. I know to some it is just a bit of fun. But for many of us, it is many shades of special…from fun right through to a deeply meaningful gift that we share with someone who we love inside and out and cannot imagine being without.

These blue diamonds…Sildenafil, known to most as Viagra, are priceless to many. Love the commercial that keeps on appearing on UK television. It’s so cute!

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Wow Rory! Thank you for picking Queen Bee.
I have an evening on my own to answer some comments and read some posts. It’s been kinda crazy for the past couple of weeks, but the guys think they are back on schedule now.
How are you and your lovely lady doing?

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Hey Jenna πŸ™‚

Good to hear from you – that always seems strange to write concerning reading a comment – but it’s stranger to write good to read from you ha ha !

Glad you are ok and always a pleasure – are you looking forwrd to your third installemt going live soon?

I am about as okay as l can be – Suzanne starts her first chemo on Friday and as we were just discussing ‘ the shit is starting to get real now’. She is obviously quite edgy about it.

How is your other half ?

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Oh man….it is getting real. I will be thinking of you both.
Ben is working hard. He has been tired and kinda stressed (its worked out a bigger job than anticipated). Tiredness makes Ben a little bit grumpy. He is a sweetheart and very caring, but he goes all quiet when he is tired and starts moaning about not being able to find matching socks. His socks are 50 shades of grey so I don’t get what he is grumbling about.
I love him and I love him whether he is grumbly or the normal sweet considerate Ben and I kinda take it as my job to help him chill. He is out working late tonight which is giving me some time to myself. He will come back from work ready to just sleep. But I have made some moussaka (the way to his heart) so if he is hungry he can have it heated up.
He will be fine. He just has a lot on his shoulders.


That commercial is on UK television all the time – especially around 11pm.
But I think does capture how a couple can be put under a lot of stress due to things not going smoothly.
As a kiddo, it seemed something to giggle at, but as an adult, I see things so differently.

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They sure are, I had a heart attack some 4 years ago and as a result of the medication I’m now on I take sildenafil – god knows where I’d be without πŸ™‚


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