I’m A Cheap Date


“I am nothing if not corruptible….buy me a few cocktails, and I am yours for the night!” Last time Ben and I had a vacation in a hotel near to a beach, we drank a hell of a lot of cocktails. I remember trying a Sex On The Beach cocktail for the first time. I did not like it. Ben finished it off for me. Later we tried the real thing. I mean not the cocktail…but…you figure it out.

I feel safe with Ben. He knows his own limit and he knows my limit better than I do. I do remember one night when he put me over his shoulder to carry me back to our room. But he had to put me down halfway back, because the pressure of my stomach against the round of his shoulder was making me feel ill. I wasn’t drunk, I had only had two cocktails, but I was exhausted. We had been out in the sun all day and it was probably a mix of dehydration and it being very late at night.

We discovered a cocktail I did like. It’s called a Sex On The Driveway. Loved it. Never have tried the real thing though…what the hell would the neighbours think?

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