Instagram Queen

ADVISORY: Content suitable for adults only


Promoting and self-branding as a twenty-year old hottie

Soon she was praised as social media’s favourite top tottie

She began by posting photos of her restaurant meals

And moved on to selfies wearing lingerie and high heels

With her snaps she showed the difference between naked and nude

Her photographs were erotic and raunchy, rather than rude

After revealing too much nipple, from Twitter she was blocked

To view her risque Instagram pictures, tens of thousands flocked

Taunted by scores of trolls claiming they’s seen nothing seedier

Yet hailed by thousands as the queen of social media

People wanted to know the brands this influencer had worn

Critics labelled her account as not much more than filthy porn

Her self-portrait gallery was undeniably fruity

She won herself accolades as the busty brunette beauty

While the number of “likes” and “followers” grew ever higher

She was the internet’s number one object of desire

Her viewers rejoiced whenever she gave them intimate peeps

But overtime she attracted a range of stalkers and creeps

One night in a bar a follower thought he would try his luck

After plying her with liquor he took her home for a ***

The next day his Instagram page displayed the explicit proof

That without makeup on, she appeared rather long in the tooth

But the outrage on seeing her mouth wrapped around his boner

Caused the majority of her followers to disown her

One night of passionate lust had got her into a pickle

She learnt the hard way that social media is so fickle

She did what any self-respecting media queen would do

Closed her account, chose another name and started out anew

None of her former provocative photographs could be seen

But be assured that was not the end of the Instagram queen!

Now if you want to see her luscious breasts or her pert nipples

You’ll have to follow her WordPress account RASPBERRY RIPPLES



28 replies on “Instagram Queen”

Thanks! That means a lot.
I am not a natural poet, it takes of concentration to work on a poem.
But I like to have fun with rhyme. In fact I think some of my poetry is more “slap & tickle” than anything.
Social media is very two-faced!


❤ Thank you ❤
I had fun with this one Marie. When I saw the Social Media theme I was not sure which way to go because i am real lazy about using social media myself. But making up a fun poem (with a dark truth within it) was kinda satisfying.


That’s a great poem, and so true.
You’re so easily forgotten in the world of social media.
I sometimes see pictures of the Instagram Reality Reddit and then you see it’s mostly filters they use. In reality their bodies are not as perfect as they pretend to be. For this reason, Instagram is the platform I hate the most. Don’t show me a world of make-believe.


There is part of me that wishes I could go on some kind of tutorial so I could learn the art of taking selfies. I know girls who look very different in real life to the photos they post on Instagram. If I could figure out how to make myself look so genetically modified I would love it! lol! Maybe not!!!
I can’t be bothered with most social media. It’s all a bit meh. Too many people a bee in their bonnet and their knickers in a twist….or people who seem to live in Disney World all year round.

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Wow what’s nice bouncy poem. I really enjoyed this one. To a young woman having some fun, to be let down by a lowlife and bowled down by society…. it is a vicious circle…. realising she wasn’t chasing the attention, just that it was thrown on her…. well written xx

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