Seizing An Opportunity


She knows what she is doing. She knows not to waste this opportunity. She recognises a man who has a particular craving for breasts as he admires the plumpness of her large heavy bosom. He smiles at the tininess of her pink nipples in comparison. These breasts clearly have not been suckled from enough. They need more attention.

Pleasure builds within as the two strangers share in exquisite intimacy. He is allowed to blissfully take his fill. Wondering what he has done to deserve this joy he eagerly suckles secure in the arms of the lovely woman who has invited him to her breast. She sits back and relaxes as her tingling nipples are finally rewarded with the attention they have been longing for.

The stranger parts his lips momentarily and fondly touches the pink nipple that has become engorged. She looks down at him in delight, feeling the thrill of the sensation. As the stranger satisfies the consuming longing her breasts have harboured, a desire is growing within her for more of him.

The stranger rises up onto his feet for a moment and regards the surrounding meadow. There does not seem to be anybody around. Yet cautiously, he takes the hand of the lovely creature he discovered on his afternoon stroll and helps her up onto her feet. “Follow me”.

He drapes her blouse over her shoulders. Obeying in complete trust and excitement, she allows the stranger to lead the way across the paving stones in the small brook and over to the other side. He takes her hand and walks her through an arboretum of fragrant blooms. “Where are we?” she asks. Without answering the stranger continues on towards a cluster of willow trees. He takes her through the hanging leaves and finds a clearing. As she looks around with curiosity and is pleased to discern that there are curtains of hanging willow branches obscuring them from anybody else’s view.

The couple settle down into the soft mossy ground. The lady abandons her blouse immediately. The stranger lowers his trousers. The two quickly find each other in the perfect embrace. His arms cradling the hips of his mysterious partner as he resumes his hungry suckling. The lady begins to fondle his hard penis. As the stranger’s suckling becomes hard and steady, her arousal is stirring more and more. She confidently begins to jerk his penis, watching his face as his eyes widen. In response his greedy suckling becomes hungrier.

Her desire is stirred as she watches the glistening head of his penis. She raised her hands around the stranger’s face and her thumbs stroke his cheeks, “Is that enough for you?” He smiles contendly. She kisses his lips gently and then asks him if he has any objection to her tasting his semen. She leans forward and begins to lap at the head of his penis with the tip of her tongue.

He finds the mysterious lady is keen to please him. She is able to take all of his penis into her mouth and she slides her lips up and down the length of his shaft until he is unable to contain his ejaculation. Before she chokes on the full load that has just erupted into her mouth, she draws back and wipes her lips as a silver white dribble escapes from the edge of her mouth. She relaxes onto her side and taking his shaft with her hand she cleans his penis with her tongue as more semen spurts from the head of his penis.

The stranger’s head has been buried in her long flowing skirt. Several times his teeth have clenched the fabric, as he tried to control the groans of pleasure running through him. He now hastily pushes away at the fabric to reveal her feminine parts below. He is surprised to find that she is absent of any under garments. A bare pussy is waiting for him. As the lady continues to lap up the flow of semen that keeps coming, he plants kisses on the front of her skin. Instinctively she begins to part her legs for him. The scent of her moist labia creates a thirst within him. With one long slow stroke of his tongue he tastes her before intensely exploring this mysterious beauty by lapping at all of her womanhood.

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