We should be back at base by the third week of September…if the guys finish off here on schedule. I am already compiling at to-do list for when we get back.

I have set a deadline for the release of our new erotic novella. So during September I have to concentrate on the final edit! I have to sit down and scrutinize all the steamy scenes making sure they read well. We will be telling you more about it and revealing the cover soon! It is so sexy!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Release Date Of New Novella

De-Stress Massage Body Oil, , large
  • Buy some Space NK De-Stress Massage Body Oil to use on lovely Ben
  • Find my sports bras
  • Get back down to the gym a couple of times a week
  • Have a steamy affair with that hot guy down at the gym
  • Book a flight so we can spend Thanksgiving with Ben’s parents
  • Visit my English relatives
  • Buy new cushion covers for the sofa
  • Have more sex on the sofa
  • Clean the sofa with upholstery cleaner
  • Have Ben’s woolen coat dry-cleaned
  • Buy new socks for Ben and throw out his holey socks
  • Buy new pantyhose for me (Ben does not wear stockings)
  • Have my boots re-healed
  • Replace the lightbulb in the porch
  • Find a new coffee house (our regular one has just closed down)
  • Request my repeat prescription for Cerazette
  • Arrange to have my hair trimmed at a local salon
  • Book the car in for it’s annual service
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Tidy up and weed the garden and mow the lawn
  • Catch up reading other blogger’s posts
  • Carry out more “research” and roleplay for ideas for our writing
  • Write more short fantasy fiction stories and poems for this blog
  • Start editing the third novella we have been working on
  • Promote our two already published novellas more


4 replies on “Sextember”

Ben is the one who is busy right now. When we get back to base, he will just need to rest. So I am going to sort out all our stuff.
I might have to postpone some of the things on the list. I’m wondering if I really need the hassle in my life of a steamy affair with that hot guy at the gym. He ain’t going nowhere. Maybe I will shelve him until next time Ben and I have an argument. But the car can’t wait. And I want to sort out all those domestic tasks before we start thinking about the holidays.

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I am not the only one who has noticed him. There are a few of us who have a chuckle in the changing rooms about him. We just get a sweat on him by looking at him!

I was not able to go to the gym for months because it was closed from March to August. But when I did go for a work out he was there again….looking as impressive as ever.

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