Sex Sells #1

I have been thinking about the RASPBERRY RIPPLES blog. I am going to run a few fun little series (I’m thinking perhaps once a week). The first is called SEX SELLS. What is the SEX SELLS series all about?

Well…it is about commercial advertisements that blatantly used sex to sell their products. I have loved researching for this series…and I am hoping you will enjoy the little gems we have come across!

FIRST UP….Jean Paul Gaultier…Le Male Parfum. This is one of many sexy commercial ads enticing us to spend our cash on a scent that can have that kind of effect on a woman!

And of course…every lady wants to wear a fragrance that can intoxicate her lover!

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What astounds me is how retailers today seemingly think people fall for this – but worse than that is that people do fall for this nonsense and worse than that is the damn advertisers who are worse than bloody lawyers and should be trying to convince retailers this is not the way to go.

Fragrance advertising has been ‘silly’ for the last twenty years – but l can’t deny they are excellent ads … speaking as an ex advertizser l can see all four sides – but it is still absolute nonsense . Sex doesn’t need any gimmicks to sell, it sells itself perfectly welll.

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I’m kinda on the fence with this one. Some overtly sexy commercials are so funny it’s untrue! We found some hilarious commercials Rory which I think made their mark by being spoofs of perfume ads I guess.
The OTT perfume ads, I guess they are not PC at all. But yet, I ask myself, why do I spend money on perfume? Because i want to feel like a goddess and have Ben fall at my feel!!!
So people fall for these ads – i think they must. Why would the retailers spend so much money on them if they were not working?
I did some market research ages ago and they showed this commercial for some kind of breakfast product (I can’t remember it now). It showed a guy so energised by his breakfast that he went around acting like a brute. Everyone was so terrified of him, people, sheep, even the weather that they cowered before him. I was watching the ad thinking he seemed like a right nark. I think I made my opinion known that I don’t know why that is a positive message – eat this for breakfast and then you can go out and by a tyrant? Sometimes I don’t get commercials.


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