What Is Erotica?

d’Verse – Erotica

Sometimes Ben comes home a little bit grumpy and rather tired

He forgets how much I long to be embraced and admired

I try to remember that work leaves Ben completely shattered

Therefore I may have to wait to be fawned over and flattered


If I curl my hair and rouge my lips

Use all those Cosmopolitan tips

Distracting Ben by acting flirty

Enticing him by talking dirty

Seductive stares with a sexy dance

Sweet perfume to leave him in a trance

Wearing nothing but thigh-highs and lace

Perhaps I can get Ben’s heart to race


Bodies bare, seductive glare

Hungry kiss, I will be his

Pulce races, he embraces

I’m trembling, disassembling

Erotic touch, in his firm clutch

Safe secure, in his allure

Thirsty gaze, senses ablaze

Sheer delight, hearts in flight


Exhausted we collapse and linger in each other’s warm arms

Ben is smitten with me and I’m enchanted by all his charms

It’s not only seduction, desire, lust, passion and sex

True erotica is founded on something far more complex

For me it all starts with that look of surrender in his eyes

That’s when I know after all these years I still stir the same fires

There’s a mystic bond within, a flame that keeps on burning

Dependency on each other, a convoluted yearning

Two souls entwined, two hearts bound by an invisible tether

Freely using fanciful words like “always” and “forever”

Only one man in the whole universe can cause this effect

Benjamin O’Connor, the man I’ve come to love and respect

photography of man and woman resting

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“There’s a mystic bond within,”… yes! ❤️ This is such a deeply passionate poem, Jenna. I believe intimacy has a lot to do with how much we understand the other person. That’s how we know “True erotica is founded on something far more complex.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt ❤️

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Thanks Sanaa! ❤
I did want it to capture all aspects of a relationship.
I love Ben so much and we have the most gorgeous times in bed….but work, life, stress…we both know what it is to get tired. I wanted to weave in elements of what makes a relationship stick. It's not just the passion…there is something more profound that grows gradually like a tree's roots.


Oh, you describe the intricacies and complexities of erotica and intimacy very well. This is beautiful, heartfelt, stirring and amazing. There is so much to pull back here in these layers of poetry, and with its beauty, it’s a combination of erotica and love. A very well-written piece!

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Yes, erotica and love, keeping the zing in coupling, yet with a naked authenticity, a brazen gentle sharing. The rhyming couplets slowed me down a bit, but it reminded me that this is primarily a love poem.


Thank you Glenn.
In all honesty I did not have a plan when i started out writing this…but in the end I was pleased because I felt it did touch on several aspects of our relationship.
I love Ben deeply and I feel very secure in his love. But work makes him tired. I miss him when he is at work, and I get so excited about him walking through the door. But sometimes he is just quiet and moody. I have to decide if he needs his space, a good dinner, a nap….or if secretly he wants me to entice him and bring out the passionate lover within him.
He is a fully red blooded male, and with him I feel secure about the intimate side of our relationship. I know how much he enjoys intimacy and so I try to make it a joy for him…and it is always exciting.
But it always means so much that at the end of the day, at the end of the excitement….I get to sleep next to him being held tight in his arms and hearing his heart beat.
There is so much that makes up a relationship and means that just a look or a smile or a touch can communicate a lot.


I am so drawn to rhyme Rob.
I am not the best poet, and normally when I attempt poetry it ends up more “slap & tickle”. So trying to use rhyme to capture excitement and emotion is a different ballgame.


I love reading the passion and love in your verses. Writing from the heart is the best approach. This is my favorite part:

For me it all starts with that look of surrender in his eyes

That’s when I know after all these years I still stir the same fires

There’s a mystic bond within, a flame that keeps on burning


Thank you Grace. I find a lot of inspiration from within.
I am so pleased I found the dVerse prompt. It was amazing to read the poems from the other bloggers. I felt I learnt a lot and came away with so much inspiration.


Thank you Dale.
I do feel as if there are so many sides to our relationship. We were colleagues and then friends for years before we finally got our game on.
I could write so many pages about him…about us…and it would be a joyful experience to do so.


Thank you ❤
I kind think that was my aim. I have this sexy beast of a boyfriend, but he is human. He gets tired. He gets grumpy. But he does love me. I know it.
So the whole game we play of putting aside the things that drag us down and coming together to give to each other, to share joy and closeness and comfort it is important. I dunno…I could write forever about how much we give to each other. It is something I value on every level. The earthy side to things, the sacred side to things. It's great to have clicked with someone on every level.

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Try it when you both come in moody and tired after work, and one of you has picked up the youngest from the crèche and the older ones from nursery school. It puts things in perspective, and it makes the quiet of the night so much more special 🙂

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I can get that.
We don’t feel ready to start a family. But I can imagine the tiredness levels would be off the scale.
Being there for each other when you battle tiredness and stress – it makes your partner even more special.


I am still not allowed to use the M-word freely, but I would like to think we are heading that way. Ben is not against marriage (unlike some men I know) but he does seem to prefer to live life one day at a time.

Maybe if he keeps seeing other bloggers mentioning it in the comments, he might take the hint that he really should put a ring on it!


Thanks Bjorn. I think the moments before and after and the rest of our lives together, all play a part in sex and sex plays a part in why we look after each other every day. There are so many layers to a relationship and we try to put effort into making it work.
Ben is awesome. I am very happy with him.



I guess I’m just a hasbeen..

I do have my share of erotic escapades..
I guess I’m just having a hard time dealing with the fact that I lost my mojo …

And grieving my loss…
So I hang on with dear life to something or someone like..

My emotional affair


Live as if you will be 21 next week!
But hey 2020 everyone has lost their mojo.
I honestly think that for many of us what we want in a relationship may have changed during the course of this year. There are always going to be the bad boys and the temptresses…but I think that in times of stress, more and more people want comfort, belonging, a relief from their stresses, refreshment. I don’t think they want anything that feels like hard work, that becomes burdensome or demanding.
That’s just my take on people….I am kinda interested in psychology.

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Sweet girl…

Nothing like that..

I just got older..
and with aging comes so many changes..

Looks.. no longer the same..

Energy level drops

Stop being able to command much..

It’s accepting that’s the hardest part


There are some very cute older guys though…who have a very healthy interest in sex.

My Ben has just got up…and I am going to serve him some dinner – nothing exciting – just a casserole. So I will say goodnight to you for now lovely lady ❤

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Wow Jenna – intensity in a simple looking verse – you really have a skill … and that man’s a keeper! Very erotic & loving relationship described in the poetry format! Respect

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Thanks Posy!

It’s funny, I saw the prompt theme for d’Verse was erotica and I knew I had to do something, but had a mind blank. But once I had put together a couple of lines in this poem and worked out a rhythm the rest flowed out of me. I was really chuffed with it. So I tagged my poem to their prompt post and started looking at the poems from other bloggers. There were some incredible poems that made mine look pathetic.

But I am still pleased because I am not a natural poet, but I think I like the way you can create a fun poem with rhyme. It seems that this is my most popular post.


I’m going to disagree with you about being a natural poet, you seem to have the criteria to me! It’s great to find a new outlet for your creativity.


Blush! You’re real sweet Posy. But yes, it is something I am enjoying. I have friends who write and I think reading their work has gradually given me the appetite for it. The slap and tickle poetry is a surprise to me, but I find it fun.

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Clever girl! My glasses are all steamed up after reading this.
Where did all this steamy content come from?
I have learnt a lot about you two that will not be a constant cause for pulling your leg – you do realize that!!!


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