Summer Is Passing Away

I am sad that summer is fading away so soon. I shall try not to add my voice to the complaints of many that 2020 has not allowed us to live to the full. I try to focus on all the good that has been done, the unselfish sacrifices made and the compliance of the majority to imposing measures asked of them.

But now that summer is dwindling, I do believe I will miss our picnics, our romantic picnics. We have sauntered off into the local woodlands several times over the past couple of months. Our spread of sandwiches and crudite, Pimms and grapes were a treat. But it was the dreamy afternoons we spent in each other’s arms that I will miss the most.

He was rather risque at times, sliding his fingers into my underwear under the cover of my summer scarf. I will miss our butterfly kisses, sweet caresses and murmured whispers. I will miss a summer of picnic romance and bonding with each other and nature under skies of deepest blue.

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