Art Teachers

This is my second post this week on the prompt of “Teacher”. I am fine with a teacher of a class of adult students being an interesting setting for romance to bloom. In fact, a flirty art teacher is a part of our next novella, as is a nude model, and a classful of very different students. There are some oddballs, some older men who are brilliant at art, some young and excitable women, and the couple who are right at the centre of the story. I love this story, I am hoping you will too. We will tell you more and more over coming weeks.

Ben and I have been working on the story, making sure it has the right balance of comedy and emotion and that the sex scenes are exciting. Now I am trying to edit it and Ben has found the perfect cover. The inspiration for the storyline is from real life. Perhaps 75% own experience, but Ben has injected some of his personal experiences and allowed me to merge them with the story. It’s very helpful to have a male perspective in writing erotica. I admit in our first two novellas there was quite a lot of emotion and personal drama. Whereas Ben brings such a great comic viewpoint into things.

But we also drew inspiration from a book I borrowed from a friend and we read together. Roisin Meaney’s “THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE”. The novel centres around an art class, a live art class. The novel reveals the story of the teacher, the model who poses nude for the class to drawer her, and the six students in the class. We especially loved the art teacher’s character. She was awesome. It was great to read chapter by chapter – so clever. We kept wondering what was going to happen next? What were we going to learn about the characters? How would they interconnect and how would their stories finish?

Our new novella is also inspired by art, and features live art classes and lots of sex. We are pleased with the way it is taking shape and are so excited about the prospect of seeing it on Amazon!

The teacher is a character to watch. He is very professional in classes, and takes art very seriously. But outside the classroom…he is something else! Who will end up with the amorous art teacher? The popularity of the live art evening class held at Shepherd’s Hill High School may be partly due to an art teacher who has an enormous appetite for sex. But you will have to wait to see what happens. I have not finished editing yet.

Some teachers can be sexy…the ones who teach adult classes.

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