Raspberry Rippling And Kissing

Here is another one of my Raspberry Rippling experimental posts. I am trialling the different editing blocks to see what works. I have already realized that some of them work in the post on my website and don’t work in the Reader…which kinda sucks!

So I am gonna stick with the editing blocks that work in both thanks! But I am going to have learn which blocks work best in a process of trial and error. You lot are the guinea pigs! I am going to try to give you a few pictures to smile at while I am learning the ropes – because I am sweet like that.

This block is called Image Compare. I may have not picked the best of images to compare but I just want to see if it works in the Reader really.

While you are here, I wonder what you think about kissing? I love kissing with the right person. But I have had some terrible kissing experiences. So terrible that I ended up including some of them in our first Novella “LOST”.

Personally I like plenty of lip action, especially if it’s a first time kissing session. I have sometimes been in so put off by a guy who completely bypassed my lips and was sticking his tongue down my throat throughout our kiss…well, maybe that is part of the reason why I never agreed to a follow-up date.

What are your views on kissing? How do you like it best?

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