Teasing Ben

Ben is supervising this site. Partly because he wants to make sure I am not sharing too much! One of the rules is that any post that is about me and Ben has to have his approval before it is published. (Aaaah…I love it when Ben lays the law down with me!)

But Ben is asleep right now. So I am going to prepare a post which is not too much of a revelation considering what I have already told you about him. Still, my hope is that when he sees this post, he will feel the need to spank me. I am hoping he will want to do lots of other things too. He is under a lot of stress and has been working very hard lately, which makes him Mr Serious. This assignment is taking a lot out of him. But Ben is not all serious.

I have mentioned in another post that Ben can be very funny. He has a comedy streak in him, which I adore. It often crops up in the bedroom. What is it like to be chatted up by Ben? What is it like when Ben tries to talk dirty as part of foreplay? He will know as soon as he sees the video I have tagged that I am revealing an intimate scene from our playtime.

On more than one occasion Ben has pretended to be “Moto Moto” and called me “Gloria”. Which has me squealing with giggles.

Ben is great fun in bed, which I think is important. There is desire and passion and lust and a hell of a lot of comedy. When Mr Serious wakes up, I hope this post is enough to tease the fun Ben to the surface.

One of the reasons why wives and partners (if you live together already) are allowed to accompany their other half is that we keep them real, we help them de-stress and stay sane. I need to cajole Ben into remembering that he is only human and that he cannot solve every riddle or nail every target.

Once Ben has rested, it will be playtime for him. Balance means: work hard, rest hard and play hard…ooooh yes please! Playing hard with Ben! Or Moto Moto! Or whoever he wants to pretend to be.

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🙂 I am looking forward to the weekend. Ben has been exhausted with work and he needs to relax. But we have another situation now…he keeps telling me off about something (it is not my fault really and I think he knows tha) because there is a guy here who is making suggestive comments about me to Ben). He keeps teasing me asking me if I have been having sex with this guy, but I can tell Ben is not happy. I am in the good books. But I think because Ben is working with some guys who are not pulling their weight and who are making his work harder, the last thing he wants is for someone to be winding him up about his girl.

I just want Ben all to myself as much as possible this weekend because this assignment is sucking the energy out of him. I want him in my arms. I am going to spoil him. I might have to wait for my spanking until he is feeling a little more playful.

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You are going to get a lot of those here on WordPress (the rest of us call them Trolls). When I first started, I bet I was getting three per week. You can block people from commenting on your posts, and delete the inappropriate comments. Hopefully this will appease Ben so that you can continue to blog.


Yeah….it is Ben’s problem, not mine! Can I help it if I am gorgeous? lol – No, Ben wants me to be careful around the guy who has been saying stuff about me. I will obey. It is becoming another thing to stress Ben out though.

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Aaah Marie – Ben is so much fun. I don’t like seeing him stressed out. So this weekend I have been concentrating on helping him relax and bringing plenty of fun and games to the bedroom. We had such a great time last night, and Ben clearly switched off to work. He had a lot of energy and kept me awake until 3am. He is sleeping like a little lamb right now…so I am going to cook up something yummy for him. I like spoiling Ben. Especially after a night of hot sex.

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