Stress Sucks

I want my Ben back. He is still Ben, but he is so drained by the work he is doing here. Not so much the work, more a couple of dweebs who being pondscum.

When Ben came home I did my whole amateur massage thing (I have no idea what I am doing but Ben seems to like it), rubbing his neck and shoulders. I had also cooked lamb for him. He loves lamb (it’s the Greek in him) and he told me it was beautifully cooked. But after dinner he said he wanted to have a nap. I went into our room an hour after he went to rest, and he was fast asleep.

That was four hours ago. I am going to go and join him in a moment. I wish I could walk into the office where the guys start off their work day with a team talk. I would go in there dressed a la sex siren so that everybody turned their heads. Then I would lay myself down on the desk in front of Ben. They would all see that I am his, and he is my superior in every way.

Maybe the jerks who are being more ape-like on this project that Ben has ever seen them before would understand that Ben deserves respect. If he can tame me, then he should be looked up to by his team. Most of his team do. I know that Ben is loved and esteemed. Just the two engineers who seem to have only just graduated from kindergarten are being weird. Their weirdness is stressing Ben out. One of them is winding Ben so much that he just wants to tell him to get on the next flight out of here. That would be serious though. Ben does not want to have to do that.

I am going to go and hold in in my arms. He is still in his jeans and a tee, and we need to get those clothes off him so he can sleep the night through comfortably. Ben is such a fine man. I wish he did not have to deal with crappy colleagues.

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Neanderthals like you describe would probably see your idea as a challenge to take you from him instead of a display of loyalty and his dominance. Some people suck.

Just keep being there for him.

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I am glad to be back here away from that situation.
I don’t that he has any real interest in me at all. At first thought it was kinda funny, but eventually I saw that he just wanted to get up Ben’s nose…and he did that successfully. So, we had to find a way to show we were gonna shrug him off and that we won’t let anything ruin our peace or come between us.

I think the pussy cakes went a long way to making it clear that Ben and I were choosing to let it go, but that we are not pushovers. The whole team knew there was something going on, but Ben had not told them what had been said. So the cake stunt was a way of giving him the idea that all the guys know that he claimed they have been paying me for sexual services – that is not ok. The guys will not tolerate that.

The truth is the guys do not know what he said about them. But it is not a bad thing that he may be anxious that they know.

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