Raspberry Rippling And Reviews

Here I am Raspberry Rippling again. This little series is just me trying to learn how the block editor features work, and if they work at all in Reader. So far, Reader does not seem to be able to make sense of these blocks, which I think is bizarre – don’t you?

This week I have chosen the editing block called Cover. I have seen other bloggers use a mix of imagery and text and I am hoping that this editing block will feature exactly that. Of course my question is…will it work both in the website post and in Reader? We will have to wait and see!



Am I going to start reviewing other literotica books? To be honest I had not planned to. But you never know! In time, maybe I will venture into reading and reviewing books.

Let me get the hang of this blogging game first…along with figuring what the block editor lets me do and not do! Thanks for being patient with me. You are gorgeous – you knew that, didn’t you!

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