It’s A Code Red!

We have a situation. It’s a Code Red” Ben was not impressed, not impressed at all, to receive a string of remarks from someone about me. Somebody has been looking. I told Ben I was not aware of this guy having noticed me. Yet apparently he did…because he made a very rude comment to Ben about me. That guy was waving a red cape in front of Ben’s eyes in what he said about me.

I told Ben that people look all the time. Plenty of women have noticed Ben and made a comment to me about how hot he is and how they would like to to get down and dirty with him. Ben says it is not the same when a guy makes a comment like that about someone’s girlfriend. In fact, the point is that in this setting, I am more than Ben’s girlfriend. I am only allowed to be here because I am his partner. I am not the girl he is dating, I am the woman he lives with. He feels that his team respecting him includes respecting his partner (me).

What makes it worse is that the guy (who is being a general moron on this project) making the comments about me is going to be unavoidable, well for Ben at least. Whereas Ben has asked me to avoid him at all costs. I am more than happy to do that, but I pointed out to Ben that while he is working, I end up hanging out with the other WaPs here. I will not be able to avoid this guy’s girlfriend (I should say partner, because they live together).

I also asked Ben about weekends when we often have a drink with the single guys and other couples, including them. I told Ben “this will pass”. I am very aware that it is a privilege that WaPs are allowed to be here at all. If there was trouble that privilege might be removed, which would be awful.

I think Ben does understand where I am coming from but when we I was reassuring him of my 100% devotion of him alone, Ben stopped kissing me and told me not to enjoy the attention. Hmm. Ben knows I have a weakness for attention. It gives me one hell of a lift to be made a fuss of. There is a flirty side of me that comes out to play when being admired. It’s the same kitten that plays with Ben as soon as he encourages me.

I promised Ben that now that I know this guy has been looking and has made a rude comment about me to Ben, I will not goad him. I will not go all Pussycat Dolls and parade myself in front of him.

Nope! I will be by Ben’s side, clinging onto his hand as if my life depended on it! When we are back at our digs I will do my everything to reassure Ben that he has nothing at all to be concerned about. I am only interested in Ben. I am Ben’s sex kitten. If other guys are jealous of Ben, so be it. But I only have eyes for Ben.

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This post I wrote a week ago when it was kinda funny. But it has become more stressful as the week has gone on. Still…we are out of here soon.
One of close friends who knows these guys called one of them to ask how he is getting on. He is much loved. He said some nice things about Ben (I only know that because his girlfriend told us he decided to try to gently intervene). We will have to see if that makes any difference next week. We are going to do our own thing this weekend and go off sightseeing.

Ben’s guns! Aaaaah!

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Just found this comment in my spam – which is weird.
The weekend was great, we both let off some steam. Also our friends back in the UK were great. Ben had some great advice from one of his friends and I also had some top tips on how to deal with jerks. One of my friends gave me an idea which I executed earlier today and I think it’s looking like it had the right effect. I am gonna write a post about it.

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