fantasy fiction

Dazzling Him

Fragrant scent adorning an exquisite vision, designed to dazzle and incite his sweet surrender. Inner yearnings satisfied under the brilliance of starry skies to the tune of moonlit waltzes in a barren urban wilderness. Secretly making passionate love in hidden rose gardens.


11 replies on “Dazzling Him”

I prefer that she isn’t completely bathed in it, but a subtlety of aroma does wild things to me and encourages me to do wild things to her. I just want to return to my own bed with the scent of her still lingering on my clothes.

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I am a creature of habit when it comes to perfume. I don’t know where I learnt to do this….but it’s one squirt of strong perfume behind both of my knees, my wrists and against my neck. Then I spray eau de parfum more liberally. I also used to use scented body lotion.
I remember whenever I used to go to meet Simon, he would pick me up and breathe me in. Then we would go out for the day somewhere. The eau de parfum wears off more quickly. I used to carry some in a little atomiser in my bag to spray when he was not looking. By the time we arrived back at his place in the evening, and our bodies were pressed together, the perfume was fainter. He would press his nose against my skin and smile.
He knew the combinations of perfume I used. He always said it was a beautiful fragrance. He used to wear a cologne that I adored. That scent mixed with his natural scent was so special to me. I remember after he had spent the night at my place, I would breathe in his pillow to detect the smell of him. I always felt sad to wash his scent away.
After he moved away, I would sometimes go into department stores just to find the cologne he wore so I could try out the tester on some paper. I wanted to remember him.

Ben wears lovely cologne too. But now that we live together, we don’t douse ourselves with perfume/cologne all the time. I am used to natural Ben scent and I love it. He has to put up with me using less expensive scented sprays and perfumed lotions…he never knows whether I will smell more like a fruit salad, a bouquet of flowers or a freshly made vanilla cake.

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Mm, the smell of a freshly made vanilla cake. There’s a wonderful scent I’d be happy to ingest. Perfume that reminds me of fruit or food makes me more horny for her since it makes me imagine things I’d like to do to her with my tongue. 😉 I rarely wear cologne but I enjoy it when I do, as long as it’s not overdone. It makes me feel sexy and attractive.

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