fantasy fiction

A Family Heirloom

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

Monty had some workmen who would be carrying out maintenance in his villa. So as arranged, he came to my tiny apartment that I shared with two other women, one a Doctor at the hospital and the other a receptionist in one of the five-star hotels near to the beach. Knowing they would both be at work, I was able to receive Monty without fear of us being disturbed.

“Who is the woman in that photo on your dressing table?” he asked me after I returned with a glass flask of apple tea and two glasses.

“That is my great grandmother.”

Monty grinned, “That is quite an erotic photograph.”

I nodded, “Her lover was an English nobleman who was here for a year. He was besotted with her. He gave her those pearls which were a family heirloom. My grandmother inherited them, as did my dear mother. When she died they became mine.”

“That’s quite a story Keziah. Your great grandmother must have been as much of a temptress as you are. Do you have those pearls here? I would love to see you wearing them.”

I knew I could trust Monty as he was so wealthy, but I was still anxious as I unlocked the safe under my bed in which I kept them along with some other items which were precious to me more for sentimental reasons than financial value. I took them out and locked the safe back up. I then walked to the mirror and arranged the pearls before turning towards Monty.

“I meant I would like to see you wearing only those pearls,” was his stern response.

Obediently, I began to undress. Monty watched me from the comfort of the armchair in the corner of my bedroom while he sipped apple tea. Once I was completely naked except for the string of antique pearls, I stood straight with my left hand on my hip and my right hand grasping a section of the pearls. I watched Monty’s smiling face. He rose to his feet and after unbuttoning his shirt and removing it, he slipped his trousers off. He sat back down before instructing me, “Come here Beautiful.”

As I approached Monty, I noticed his penis was swelling already. It was always gratifying to see the effect I could have on him. He placed his hands flat against my thighs and moved them upwards in a slow stroke. I felt his hands moving around the side of my hips and onto my behind. He pulled me closer and planted kisses on the front of my womanhood.

Monty then pulled a cushion from behind him for me to kneel down on. With my mouth I lavished attention to his erect penis as he ran his fingers through my hair. Every groan that escaped him encouraged me to intensify my sucking and licking. Monty’s body began to twitch and rise up from the chair as pleasure gripped him. His hands on my shoulders indicated he was about to move.

He perched on the edge of the armchair instructing me to push my large breasts together for him. He had to find another cushion, meaning that as I knelt I was at the right height for him to slide his firm penis between my breasts. The head of his penis was already oozing with clear fluid. But as he rubbed himself against my bosom as fast as he could I could tell his erection was building. Monty’s face was contorting with the tingles of excitement rippling through him. I looked downwards at his penis rising up towards my chin each time he thrust against me and saw the moment he could no longer contain himself. A sharp burst of silver white semen shot forth onto my chest.

Breathing heavily, Monty grabbed his shaft and directed the flow of his semen all over my breasts and neck. Still kneeling I was amazed at the enormous load of semen that his penis produced covering me with a thick draping of Monty’s emission.

“Now you are wearing two pearl necklaces Keziah. The gift your great grandmother received from her lover and the reward for your pretty mouth making love to my cock.”

“Monty, if I were able to I would walk around the streets proudly displaying the proof that I am your lover.”

Monty held up his finger, “You are one of my amours Keziah, and do not forget this is a business arrangement.”

I bit my lip in disappointment, “I only meant…”

“Shhh! I know what you meant and I was touched. You are one of my favorites Keziah. You have the most beautiful breasts I have seen in this city.”

I accepted the compliment. Monty reached down for his trousers and pulled out his wallet. I was curious when he pulled out a wad of notes. Holding it between his index and middle finger, I could see that it was at least five times more money than he usually left me. It was equivalent to around six months wages at the restaurant where I served each evening. I looked at him in confusion. He made everything clear to me when he asked, “Are you ready to earn this?”

That afternoon in my bedroom with Monty was the most exhausting yet exhilarating session I had ever experienced. Monty made sure I earnt every cent of my wages that day.

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Thanx Gem ❤
I did not know where to begin with the WW theme of "family heirloom" so I decided fantasy fiction was the best choice this week.
I have used Monty and Keziah in fiction before. I think they will be recurring characters.

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Monty has several similar business arrangements. I can tell he and his amours are going to be the subject of numerous short stories, and eventually we might weave his story…and Keziah’s story into a novel. It will take a bit more working out though.

Did you mean that this little story caused some swelling down below?

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Thank you Brigit…
…and thank you for your gorgeous comment in the WW roundup.

I am new to writing fiction. Ben and I developed some of our personal emails into an erotic novella, which then resulted in a sequel. We published them on Amazon in August and set up this blog at the same time to promote….because, we had no idea where else to promote them. Now we are editing our third novella which is nearly ready to be published (we are aiming for November). I had no idea what was going to come of this blog, but there is a lot of inspiration from these prompts, memes and other bloggers, so I am having fun writing more short fictional stories, poems and sharing (probably oversharing) personal accounts.

I just started following your site, I had not come across it before. Looking forward to reading your posts ❤


[…] “A Family Heirloom” by Jenna KirkpatrickJenna is a new writer for me, but I look forward to reading more from her. I gravitate toward stories that instantly set up an interesting dynamic and introduce intriguing characters right away. This story does that. It also uses dialogue well, and the writing is smooth. I like that I didn’t realize that she was being paid for her services until the end, and while I sort of wish the story had ended on his final words, I still appreciated that little twist. […]


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