Sleep And Food Put Ben In The Mood

Last night was a great night 😉

Ben and I have both enjoyed this weekend. I think Ben was finally able to switch off to the stress he has been under. Yesterday we managed to tick off everything we wanted to do, visiting all the interesting places that had been recommended to us and trying out more local cuisine at lunch time. Ben did not sleep well the night before, so when we arrived back at our accommodation I fixed dinner while he had a nap.

After dinner, Ben seemed happier (sleep and food have a big effect on his mood) and wanted to watch a movie. He cradled me on his lap while we were watching his laptop screen. He kept kissing and nibbling my right ear and running his hand up my T-shirt and massaging my breasts. I decided to take off my bra because it was preventing me from getting full pleasure from Ben’s velvet paws. I kept on hoping he would get bored with the movie (I was bored of it after half an hour), but he clearly did want to see it through to the end.

Then it was time to put the laptop away and focus on me. 🙂 My patience was well rewarded. Ben was in the zone! Best sex we have had since we have been out here. I slept in late this morning. Ben woke me up after he had been for a run. That’s the first time he has been running since we’ve been here. It’s good to see Ben more like himself. He can’t wait to get back to our base in England. Neither can I.

He warned me that he will be pushing the team, and overtime is very likely for the next few days, so they can leave by the end of the week. But this time next week, we should be back sleeping between our own sheets.

But here is something exciting. I asked Ben to look at the posts I have been working on for the current 4Thoughts prompt “Kink Vs Fetish”. My entry will be a two parter. The first part is about a fetish that I love and at the end you will find an invitation for you to take part in the second part. Part two is a password protected post (password is in the first part) where I share a session with you. At the end of the post is another invitation for you to respond if you feel inclined.

Look out for tomorrow’s first post “I Guess It’s A Fetish”. At the bottom of the page, you will see that the next post is called “Tasting Raspberry Ripples”.

It’s a little fun for me, Ben’s allowing me to enjoy myself after supporting him through a stressful project. I am going to be so glad when our plane touches down and we can get back to normal.

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Yeah, he was on top form last night – Olympiad gold medal sex. It was what I was hoping. I think he was trying to prepare me for another tough week ahead before we are back at base. But at least I will be glowing after this weekend for a while.

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