I Guess It’s A Fetish

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

Cleavage. Breasts. Nipples.

They are are delicious to many people. But for some, breasts are at the centre of a particular fetish. I wrote a post all about a topic that I think comes under the umbrella of “fetish” as opposed to “kink”. The post below…


…was all about Adult Breastfeeding (or Adult Nursing) and mentioned some of my own experience. It was a man I was in love with that introduced me to ABF. If you are interested in my own experience, I will leave you to read that post.

I still think ABF is a somewhat misunderstood fetish (some kinks and fetishes are misunderstood). Some people think that it is only for those who like to dress up like babies and wear diapers (perhaps that is a kink/fetish that I don’t personally understand).

My own personal experience was that the man I was in love with adored breasts, large round breasts. He was thrilled with my bosom. Ideally, he would have been happiest if I had been lactating, but I have never lactated. Yet, he was in complete bliss suckling at one of my breasts for anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes before switching over to the other one. Any more than that and his cheeks would hurt.

I have tiny little nipples, but after being suckled, my areola and nipples would be bright pink like little raspberries. It felt so good to have him suckle steadily at my breasts. Gentle pleasure steadily rippling through my little nipples and into my breast tissue. The happy glow it brought me. Looking down at him, seeing how content and adoring he was.

The nature of our relationship was of warmth and trust. We turned to each for comfort. We found it. It felt special. It felt very close. He certainly would never dream of wearing diapers! He was all man! He loved erotica. He always wanted to see me wearing feminine dresses and he loved all aspects of foreplay.

I have been in love with two men…Simon and Ben (I was in love with my teenage sweetheart, but we were so young, I am not sure we understood love and sex properly). Simon and Ben both like large breasts and like to caress, lick, suck, tickle them….but extended periods of suckling – it’s not their cup of tea. I think they find it a little weird, and perhaps for them it is not as exciting or as meaningful as other acts of intimacy. But my relationship with “Greg” is also special to me. He loved it to suckle from my breasts for extended periods. He really loved it. So did I.

Sometimes as a reward, Ben will indulge me by suckling at my nipples for several minutes. But he does it for me. He knows the pleasure it brings to me. Whereas Greg was literally in bliss being able to suckle for as long as his facial muscles allowed him to.

When I started this site, I thought I would be writing a lot more frequently about ABF, but from what I have seen on WordPress so far, there are more people into kinks like bondage, fetishes like spanking than they are into erotic lactation or dry suckling. But I heartily endorse it. Especially if your nipples are sensitive like mine.

Sexy, Boobs, Breast, Cleavage, Woman

I was looking at some references when I was preparing this post. I must admit, those who enjoy ABF can be very different in what they get out of it. I think in some ways it is hard to create a community amongst those interested in ABF (although there are ABF websites out there), because some men approach it with a vulgar view and insulting language, others seem to turn to ABF for an emotional nurturing bond. A significant amount of men interested in ABF are married and want an extra-marital ABF relationship. For me it was a blissful, relaxing, tingling part of foreplay. It was erotic and it always led to more foreplay and sex.

One Wiki information page contained some videos (NSFW – they are all from Porn sites) showing what exactly adult breastfeeding looks like for those who are curious:

But like any fetish, kink, intimate act, foreplay, sex…it is between you and your lover to decide the best position, and decide if you want to incorporate it with other kinks. Greg loved me playing “naughty secretary” and teasing him by wearing a blouse with several top buttons undone.

In our first erotic novella, our main character falls in love with a man who introduces her to ABF. Once she has experienced it, she finds it hard to forget…. (I am going to stop there because I don’t want to drop any spoilers.)

If you are still reading this post…I have a proposal for you. I am going to invite you to an intimate adult breastfeeding experience with me. That’s right…you are invited to pretend that you are entering into my boudoir and that I am going to share my breasts with you. The post will be password protected. So it won’t appear in the Reader. Instead…you just go to the bottom of this post and click the next post. I will call it “Tasting Raspberry Ripples”. The password will be all in uppercase: “NIPPLES”.

I am waiting for you.

9 replies on “I Guess It’s A Fetish”

You should write more about ABF if that is what you are into! If there isn’t a community for that kink yet, you might be the one who gets it going. Write about the things you are passionate about…those are the best posts to read 🙂

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I think I want to….write about ABF I mean.
I don’t really want to pioneer a community. I would have to be polite to guys I think are losers if I did! I think that talking with people who appreciate all sorts of intimacy but are also responsible for another human being’s emotional health and use sex as a gift rather than a take take take is more appealing to me. But if you hold a flag up for other people to join a club, you invite anyone and have to be open to everyone. That can become really uncomfortable.

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I will check out your posts – I have a fantasy of ABF – lactating thou – from way back. Did you ever see that old french Movie with Gérard Depardieu ? Some hot scenes in that. I will try and find the link
May x

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Oh please do! I have only seen GD in a couple of things and nothing featuring ABF…I would remember.
Part of me would like to be able to lactate on demand. But…I don’t think I could live with leaking breasts at work etc.

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