How I Dealt With Being Insulted

I have mentioned a number of times that we had a stressful situation out here. At first it was between Ben and two of his team who have been real lazy. But then one of them was so ticked off with Ben after he pulled him up over his work, that he made a string of comments about me.

At first I thought it was funny. Ben did not see it as funny at all. Ben was real mad at their lack of respect. At the moment Ben is taking an understanding approach on account of 2020 being a stressful year for everyone. He has decided it might be best not to come down too hard on them on this occasion. But he won’t forget it.

We talked about the insults about me. Ben took them more seriously that I did, but the truth is I have every right to complain. The only reason for us to be reluctant over that is that we don’t want to threaten the current arrangement for WaPs to accompany the guys on longer assignments. It’s amazing to be allowed to be here at all. Dealing with jerks is not great, but we agreed that if we could find a way to deal with it in a way that avoided official complaints procedures it would be better.

So, I have talked to a couple of close friends during this past week and one of them came up with an awesome idea. She picked up on the comment that one of these morons made about me. Ben told me that he had said, “Your bird’s pussy tastes great” …and later he added, “Half the team have tasted her pussy.” Ben also explained that the same guy had basically said I offer money to other men for sexual services. Yeah – what a jerk!

My friend suggested that I find a way of telling these guys I know what they said about me, but they are not going to disturb my peace of mind. She came up with an idea that I thought might work. Yesterday, after going shopping for ingredients and a cupcake tin, I baked cupcakes. This morning I decorated them to look like cat’s faces. The photo below is not of my cakes (it was on Wikipedia). I didn’t think to take a photo of my cakes as I was on a mission.

Today I took the cakes in and left them at the makeshift canteen the guys are using. I put a sign in front of the plate of kitty cupcakes which said: “FOR ANYONE WHO LIKES EATING PUSSY”. I dropped the cakes off and fled the scene. I did not have the guts to see the reaction. Ben knew what I was planning.

Ben texted me at lunch to say that that cakes had gone down great and he had not heard so much laughter from the team since they started work out here. When he came back to our accommodation just after five he was laughing telling me about the reaction my sign caused. He said he could not help glancing at the member of his team who claimed he has tasted my pussy. He knows I know. Those kitty cup cakes were my way of diffusing the stress and saying “Ben and I are laughing at you Butthead!

Jenna 1 – Jerk 0

Ben is having a nap, but he has to get up and go back to work for another few hours. I have another evening to myself, so I am going to try to work on the new erotic novella we are going to publish soon. I have been neglecting it because I have been stressed by Ben being stressed. But I feel better now. I am going to get back to my writing.

6 replies on “How I Dealt With Being Insulted”

My friend’s idea but it worked great. lol – it’s the first time I have baked in ages too.
More importantly, Ben is pleased with me. Dealing with the stress in a way that said we are strong and we are laughing at you but in a kind of sweet way rather than through an official complaint has to be a good thing.

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It’s definitely extremely clever, BUT the problem is you’re assuming the troublemaker is bright enough to realize he’s being mocked instead of encouraged or goaded.

I hope it works out as planned though, and at least wins over some of the rest of the team.


He knew. Ben said he has already noticed a difference. Those cakes were basically a warning that if I wanted to, I could blow this out of the water. But as it happens I prefer to laugh it off… long as he stops being a jerk.

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