Raspberry Rippling Slideshow

It’s time for more Raspberry Rippling playtime with the block editor. I have read posts from a lot of bloggers who clearly hate the block editor. Well we only set up RASPBERRY RIPPLES on 1st August, so it’s all we know, but we are still trying to figure out how to use it.

Maybe I am being a bit critical, but I think a significant number of these blocks work in the website post, but not in the Reader. That’s not great – is it! I want to find the blocks that work in Reader.

This week I am playing with a the slideshow block. I will give you a little reminder of what I have already shared with you in other posts. This is a quick recap on the story of Ben and Jen – the couple behind this blog:

So I am really hoping the slideshow worked in the reader. I am losing heart with some of these blocks. Still, it is fun experimenting.

It’s a bit like sex really…some things work, some things don’t work. You have to find what works for you. If that was not a great tag-line for the block editor, then I have no idea how else to sell it.

So with blogging and with sex – keep it fun, try new things and figure out what works for you!

2 replies on “Raspberry Rippling Slideshow”

I get email notifications of blogs and read from there. In my email the pictures all show up but not as a slide show. When I clicked like and came over to your blog it was there that I could see you had it set up as a slide show. (I was confused when I read your note about that until I was on the post itself) 🙂

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It’s interesting to see how different bloggers do their reading. I have been logging in for half an hour to a hour everyday, depending how busy I am (and internet connection). I like the way it displays new posts from the bloggers I have started following.


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