fantasy fiction

The Mask


By day, an accounts assistant working at the head office of a large retail chain. By night, a seductive temptress prowling the streets of Soho in search of someone to spend the night with. What enables her to transform her exterior, to abandon her inhibitions? The mask.

Sherry met Craig at a bar on one of her night’s out. He was one of the easiest pick-ups she had made all year.

She was standing next to the bar waiting to be served when a young man pushed in front of her to place his order. She elbowed him and said that she was waiting before him. Craig instantly apologised. The bartender arrived and Craig pointed to her as next in waiting. Craig paid for Sherry’s drink as well as the beers he was picking up for friends. While they were waiting for the drinks to arrive, Craig apologised again and explained that he was out celebrating his birthday. Sherry congratulated Craig and asked him what they were doing to celebrate. He said they were just going to get drunk.

Craig looked as if he was in his early twenties. He was short and built solidly. He had a mop of dusty brown hair and a cherub-like face. Sherry decided she was going to try her chances. She leaned forward and whispered to Craig that he would have more fun if he found a woman and got himself laid. He grinned at Sherry. He asked her if she was at the bar on her own or with friends. She whispered to Craig again that she was there on her own because she was looking for a guy to have sex with. Craig grinned again, “You came here to meet a guy so you can get laid?”

Sheree nodded emphatically smiling at Craig. She asked him, “Will your mates be offended if you and I went somewhere to have our own private celebration?” Craig went to find his friends and spoke to them, explaining the offer he had received.

Woman, Portrait, Sensual, Pretty, Hair, Female

Forty-five minutes later we were arrived back at Craig’s flat. We had made out in the back of the cab all the way back to Maidenhead. Craig could not hide his excitement. Sherry felt it against her skirt. As soon as we were in his bedroom, she helped him unbuckle his jeans and he pulled them down. He pushed down the boxer shorts he was wearing. A penis, short and solid, just like Craig, appeared all ready for action.

Craig knew what was happening inside of him. He tore a packet open with his teeth and clad his deftly penis with a condom with ease. Smiling, Sherry pushed him onto the bed so he was sitting down. It was then that she realized how fat penis was. It took a lot of effort to take Craig’s penis into her. She could feel it touching every part of her vagina. It felt rather strange in fact. She began to squirm around as that tickle was new to her and didn’t feel quite right. As Sherry made an effort to grind into Craig, she got used to it, and was rewarded with great pleasure for her labours.

As she began to grind into Craig, he was looking up watching as she moved herself against his firm rodlike penis. It seemed to be made of steel. She found herself becoming highly aroused quickly. Craig could see she was moaning and whimpering with the sensations she felt as his penis rubbed her mercilessly.

Young men have more energy than older men and Craig was happy to have fun trying different positions, while Sherry harnessed full satisfaction from this short but perfectly formed and regid rugged penis that gave her a huge amount of pleasure.

The following morning…she left her number on a scrap of paper and said to Craig, “Call me. You can definitely cum again Sweetpie!”

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