I am back in England….but Ben…Ben is stuck for another few days because despite working overtime all week, they still have not finished the work. I am a little disappointed, but c’est la vie.

Hell – it is cold here! We have only been away for a few weeks. We left when it was hot, real hot. But I seem to have arrived back in the middle of winter. Damn it’s cold. Our house was like Antarctica. I have turned the heating on but it seems to be taking a century to warm up. I am frigid – literally – I do not mean that my libido is failing.

So just like the girl in the photo above, I found myself one of Ben’s hats and wrapped myself up in the rug we have draped over the arm of the sofa. My head feels so cold. Worst still, I don’t have Ben’s warm body to keep me warm tonight. He is still walking around wearing tees I bet.

I have to quarantine now. But as I work remotely that is no biggy. I am going to make the most of the next few days, as far as making sure everything is perfect for Ben when he is back. I have a list of things I need to do. I am gonna ask for someone to come from the garage to pick the car up to take it for a service. I am gonna ring the drycleaners and see if they will pick up a duvet, Ben’s winter coat and some other things that need dry cleaning. I will do a big online shop to be delivered here and cook a couple of big traybakes to freeze (for days when there’s no time to cook). I need to pull out our sweaters and scarves. This whole place needs a good dust over and shine up. The garden is a mess. I have plenty to keep me busy while I am quarantining.

Ben was impressed by the pussy cupcakes I made. So I thought maybe I will bake something for him to eat when he is back. I am not a great baker but he was very pleased by my baking. I like to please Ben. I like the way he rewards me.

For now…its just me with a bowl of pasta (dried pasta from the cupboard and sauce from a jar, which we felt impelled to stock up on back in the spring, along with a huge stock of wine) with Ben’s beanie hat and this wooly rug. It’s good to be back with our stuff around us. I just want Ben back with me now.

Goodnight Benny-boo! Love you!

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5 replies on “Frigid”

Yeah, I really want to finish editing our next novella. I like the story, there is something gritty in there. I think I was a bit indulgent making the main character in our first two novellas wealthy. So in the third novella, I have gone for someone in more normal circumstances. I needed to work on her back story a bit and I came up with something that I think makes you feel more empathy for her and understand why she is such a risk-taker when it comes to meeting men.

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Hmmm, typically that’s a very passionate or traumatic sexual awakening. Going by your posts, you’re an excellent writer so I’m sure something will come to mind for her. 🙂

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Exactly, she has had a traumatic experience in some ways – not physically but emotionally. It’s massively impacted her ability to trust and her own self-confidence. The book is not so deep as the first two novellas we published, so this time I have tried to keep things on a different level. I hope I am not dropping a spoiler, but you find out pretty quick in the story that her long-time live-in boyfriend went on a reality TV show….and everything went wrong from there. So now she is on her own and trying to rebuild her life but she actually ends up taking risks. It’s not quite the sexcapade the first two novellas became. But nonetheless, there is a lot of human emotions, weaknesses, jealousies in their amidst the amazing sex.

I am not sure whether I am putting too much story into out novellas, but I can’t just read a sex scene without some story, otherwise I switch off. Maybe I need to get the balance right though.

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Too much story? Probably not, at least for women. The stereotypical guy likes to jump straight to the “action” but women like to feel connected to the characters (again as a generality).

Her backstory seems reasonable to me. Lets just say I know a certain redhead who became a risk taker after a badly broken heart; seeking passion and wanting a connection but afraid to truly trust again for a good while.


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