The Games We Play

When I saw this week’s theme a lot of thoughts went through my head, and I am still working on them. I am sure I have a deep profound post somewhere in me. But first of all, I want to start on a lighter note.

I arrived back in England (Ben is yet to come) to learn that for the next six months it looks as if we will be socialising with no more than six people from two households. I can imagine there are a lot already having a grumble about that.

But I was thinking about party games that could work better at a small intimate gathering. That’s right, there is no ban on Strip Poker, Naked Twister, Clothesline, or a host of other games. There are lots of NO HANDS GAMES, like Orange Necking, where you pass an orange (or grapefruit) from neck to neck…or Suck & Blow, where you pass a playing card from mouth to mouth and Roll The Ball, which is harder than the others, where a couple start with a ball held between their stomachs and have to roll against each other until the ball reaches the chin of the shorter partner.

Then of course, there is good old Spin The Bottle, and who can resist a game of Truth Or Dare? Or have you ever had chance to take part in a Rainbow Party? With only six allowed, it is an easy way to start out on party kinks. Or if you all know each other well, get those Kinky Dice out. Have you ever taken part in an Erotic Treasure Hunt? Hide an object somewhere in the body of one player, and other players blindfolded have to hunt for it. Oooh-er Misses!

Perhaps you have your own ideas, your own games that are ideal for an intimate gathering of six people from two households. The way I see it, there is still a hell of a lot of fun you can have with six people! So don’t be a grumbler – you can stay safe and still have lots of fun.

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This post brought back a flood of memories. The first time I played strip poker, desperately wanting to see my friend’s wife’s breasts, and being so nervous when I had to remove my shorts as I was the first, my wife accused me of losing on purpose.

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lol – that’s so funny!
I am normally no good at playing cards, but for some reason on the two occasions we tried to play strip poker, I kept all my clothes. I seemed to gain these new found poker skills. We were a bit boring though. Someone made a rule that we could keep our underwear on, so I never got to see anyone’s bits and bobs.


I’m a huge fan of finding fun games to play with new people. Strip poker is always my go to, simply because there is always a lot of talking (around me), some serious laughing, and the opportunity to get those I know naked. I also love to play poker.

Truth or Dare turns into a night of finding out so much about each other, even people that you think you know well.

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