I am self-isolating, well, apparently the official term is quarantining, but they are virtually the same thing. It would be more fun if Ben was here, but he is now hoping to be back on Tuesday.

Yesterday I kept myself busy and I had lots to do. Maybe I was overeager in my approach, but I ended up with hardly anything to do today. So then I flopped onto the sofa and began channel surfing. I watched three disaster movies in a row. The first was probably the best, “The Day After Tomorrow“.

Both of the next two movies I watched had numerous shots of the two sky scrapers that were The World Trade Center, both being damaged catastrophically in the movies. That was weird to watch. It seems strange they have not removed those clips. I watched “Deep Impact“, and then the third film I watched was “Armageddon” which was awful. I used to love that movie, but it didn’t make any sense. Maybe it is this strange year that coloured my view, but the first two movies seemed more real in many respects. The Bruce Willis movie was so daft it was irritating. When the world is facing a crisis, I would prefer that a Dennis Quaid or Morgan Freeman were involved in the rescue plans that a bonkers Bruce Willis.

I have been exchanging short messages with “Greg” over the weekend. He is sweet. Ben knows I am still in contact with him and that Greg sends me little one or two line messages saying he wishes he was able to suckle at my breasts. Greg likes to say these things, but is not serious. He knows I am with Ben. I only keep in touch because I care about him.

By the end of the weekend I was bored. I have eaten pretty much the same food all weekend (I have an Ocado order coming tomorrow so will finally have some fresh food) and was bored with pasta. Once I have our groceries I can start cooking and freezing meals. I was bored with disaster movies too. I managed to do some more work on our novella which is due for release a month from now.

I realized that self-isolation or quarantining can be really hard. All I want to do is go for a walk to stretch my legs. Well today, I am gonna try out an online workout routine that a friend of mine recommended. I don’t think I want to spend two weeks being a couch potato.

Ben, come back soon! Don’t want to be all by myself anymore.

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Welcome back home, Jenna! Hugs on your return! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— I hope you had a nice trip back. Self-isolating sounds so lonely. If you need someone to “talk” to, you can feel free to write to me. πŸ™‚ Tell me anything you like, anything at all…. within limits, of course, or without limits, you choose, haha. I hope your prince returns to you soon. It wouldn’t do for a princess to be locked up in her tower for too long.

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Hey Dave
It is not often that a male of the species says “If you need someone to β€œtalk” to, you can feel free … Tell me anything you like, anything at all”. Maybe you should talk to Simon before you make an offer like that. He used to find it baffling that I could talk so much about anything and everything!

I will be honest with you, I did not sleep so well the last two nights (I think because Ben is not here) and so I am all grumpy at the moment. But I have managed to do a lot despite the lack of sleep. I thought Ben would be coming back today, but now he says it might be the weekend. I am not happy about that as you can imagine. I would have prefered to have stayed with him if I knew it would be a whole week.

I have a question for you…you know the head of a man’s penis….the little tiny urethra opening – is it called the maetus? Do you know of any urban terms for that little hole? I was writing a scene where my main female character is trying to pleasure the mysterious stranger she has met…and I realized it sounded more like a human biology anatomy lesson than a sex scene.

Sometimes I need to veer away from using all the technical medical terms or and be a bit less dignified. I think there is a balance. I am not keen on writing that is at the other extreme. So I am trying to find the right balance and making sex scenes steamy and explicit with excitement and a dash of romance. I need to learn that it is ok for my characters to talk dirty sometimes. I just don’t want the whole book to be like an overly urban.

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Thanks for writing me as a friend, Jenna. I appreciate it! Here’s a hug for you! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—You can email, too, you know. If you prefer more public correspondence in comments, that’s fine, too but I will probably not share too much about myself personally, but on email, I can let my hair down, so to speak. Or .. let it all hang out? Hmm.. It’s up to you. If you still prefer comments only, that’s ok with me. 🧑

Jenna, I think you’re right about the terms urethra and maetus, but my advice is whether or not you use those words would totally depend on your character. Remember to see through the character’s eyes as you write her POV, even as the narrator. If she is a doctor or nurse, using anatomy vocabulary is perfectly fine and may even sound hot to your reader who expects a doctor to “sound” like that. If she is not, then you should write the more urban style. Maybe you could say cock slit, or something vulgar, depending on how badass you want her to be.

Tell me more about your isolating. Are you still lonely? When is Ben coming back?

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I think Ben prefers it if I chat in the public domain….but as he has my email account on his phone, I don’t think he would be too bothered about occasional emails. He said he deleted two comments from a blogger who was vulgar in a way that made him angry. But that is good. I like Ben being my protector.

The character in my novel is not a doctor or nurse. She used to work in a law firm at Canary Wharf….but her life was turned upside down by a revelation (not going to drop a spoiler) so now she is working in pharmacy as a trainee dispenser. In the story, she is trying to move on with her life and after a year of nursing her bruises, she is trying to venture out into meeting someone new. She is taking risks. There is an emotional story there (although not as deep as the man character in our first two novellas) and ongoing theme is how much her own self-confidence has been knocked. I like the way the story has twisted and turned as her past plays against her present. I am just trying to tie up some more loose ends in the conclusion and making sure I end the story on the right note. I don’t want to do erotic novellas that end in church bells. But I need a satisfying ending.

Isolating just feels a bit more extreme. For six months we have been careful about social restrictions, but we still enjoyed the freedoms of going for walks and more recently going out for a meal or a drink and wandering around shops. It feels kinda harsh at the moment, a bit like a prisoner. I totally get it and in some ways we are looked to provide an example for everyone else on Ben’s team who is also going to have to self-isolate/quarantine after their overseas assignment. So Ben said we have to be super strict about it. I just ran out of things to do so quickly! I have done a lot of work both professionally and around the house and TV is ultra-boring. If Ben were around I am sure it would be easier. Ben thought it would be today, but now he says it may be the weekend when he travels back.

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Ok, Jenna, public conversation it is.

Your character seems quite educated, so use of the medical terminology may not be too much of a stretch for her. Definitely not vulgar, but slightly urban would be expected from readers. Of course, it depends on her personality, too. I hope you have a nice satisfying ending for her.

Sorry that you feel so lonely in isolation. I wish I could be there to keep you company until your Ben returns. I know that’s completely out of the question, so don’t worry, I’ll just imagine it a little for myself… πŸ˜‰ Are you still able to go shopping at all, or do you have to order all of your food to your door? I hope things get better for you there. Write any time. Keep writing your erotica. I would imagine that can help a lot.πŸ€— πŸ€—


❀ Thanks Dave ❀

How was your day? If you are in Asia, I think your day is ending now.

I did an Ocado order. We often do use them for all the bulky things like laundry liquid, wine, tinned foods, cleaning products etc. But this time I added a whole load of fresh food too. I am staying in the house or garden because there are a lot of people around here. Ben says we should be strict because there is a bit of a problem here in the UK with people ignoring the rules. (Maybe that's everywhere). I found some online training courses to do for work yesterday which pleased my manager. It's the kind of thing that is a bit tedious usually, but when you ain't got nothing else to do….

Yeah I miss Ben….

I miss him because he's great company anyway, because he's free sex whenever needed, and because I feel safer with him. The world does not feel like a safe place right now and I don't like Ben being in a different country. I want to be with him.

You get a kick out of online flirting I think…why not? As long as your honey knows you are the blog crush of numerous female bloggers, it's all safe.

This character in my third novel was supposed to be completely different from the main character from my first two novellas. I put quite a bit of personal emotional stuff into especially FOUND, the sequel of the first books. This time round I was aiming for something less deep, more sex….but I knew that the issue of self confidence, body positivity would be a part of it. My character is attractive, but she has been through a crappy experience and it has made it hard for her to feel secure in a relationship. The guy she falls for has a huge appreciation for art. He draws and paints for a hobby and goes to exhibitions at galleries. He loves erotica. She finds herself becoming very self-conscious, which is in some ways the last things she needs after all the other challenges she has experienced in connection with her ex.

Anyway….I have made my mind up about the ending in one sense….but I am trying to think of another aspect to throw in at the end to make readers see why she makes the choice she does.

When it comes to her being educated. I think one of the challenges I have when I write is that I love reading the classics. Part of me wants to be writing a novel that is more like the literature I adore. But I do not think I am ready to take on a project of that scale (it might be something to think about in ten years time) and also I want to learn more about what is involved in writing, publishing, marketing book before I attempted something really big. I love erotica, but a lot of literotica is awful…I mean really really awful. I can't stand it. So I have a challenge in putting in what I find sexy and steamy but finding a way to make the dialogue work. I can't have my characters speaking to each other the way Mr Darcy speaks to Elizabeth Bennett. There has to be modern humour, innuendo, sensibilities and the flirting needs to inflame lust between the characters. I think I end up putting a lot of personal conversations I have had with Ben and other men. Partly because I know what they said worked on me. They managed to get into my knickers. But if a guy randomly came out with lewd shpiel and vulgar suggestions, I would be hostile. I fall for men who are intelligent and funny but respectful right up to the point when things get physical between us. Even then, I don't want to be spoken to as if I am dirt. So….for me getting dirty chat right in my stories is a challenge. How do I make it dirty enough to be exciting but not vile enough to make the character think "HELP – 911!!!!"

I become a bit of a perfectionist over the dialogue mainly because when I read other novels, sometimes the dialogue is abysmal and it kills the story for me.

lol – I am making myself sound like I know what I am talking about. I just think it is the area where I am giving most of my attention…..coherent conversations between my characters that strike the right tone in each scene.

I just edited the first conversation between the two main characters. She is totally hostile when he starts chatting to her. In her head she is saying to herself, "Please go away!"…so the conversation starts painfully with him putting in the effort to ask polite questions and her giving short direct answers. But…he manages to ingratiate himself to the point where …oh SPOILER! Can't tell you anymore.

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❀❀Hello, Jenna! I’m so honored that you’d spend so much time writing to me, thinking of me as you type. It’s touching. Where to begin? Yes, I had a great day, thanks for asking! How was yours? I just want to hop down next to you on a couch somewhere, grab some popcorn, and let you talk my ear off for hours! You seem like such a fun person, really! I know, that doesn’t sound like a guy, but I enjoy spending time with women, especially my honey. I listen and observe, and every interaction, whether sexual, flirty, or just friendly, gives me plenty to take with me into my writing. I sometimes write from a female POV and kind of always fall in love with my female protagonists. Do you feel that way about your main characters?

Yes, as I write to you in Asia, my day is ending. Tonight there is a gorgeous romantic full moon.

Yes, you are right, I am very flirty online. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜š In truth, I am rarely that way in person. Being online lets me don a mask and “play”, so I get quite playful, especially with erotica writers. They know good sex and are often as horny as I am, so we have much in common, haha.. Yes, my sexy honey knows I’m super flirty, but she also knows that I will only get “physically” flirty with her. That’s the difference.

I think it’s excellent the way you put so much thought into your writing, your characters, and your plot! I’m sure your stories will reflect that and your readers will not be just dumb wooden posts who read for a thrill. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m a wooden post myself, so what do I know? haha.. I do also love dialogue and pay a lot of attention to it in my stories. It used to be very difficult for me to get it right, but I’m enjoying it so much more now because it reveals so much of the characters.

Slip on your bunny slippers, hop on the couch, and tell me more, Jenna. I’m all ears. Well, maybe not ALL ears. Some other body parts, too. πŸ˜‹ Have a lovely day!! ❀

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Bunny slippers! Bunny slippers!

Ignoring that insult to my enlightened classy sensational sense of style…I will carry on as if I am not highly offended.

My day was ok. I spent most of the afternoon being passed from pillar to post when I had to ring companies over all sorts of weird stuff. It seemed that most people I spoke to were working from home and so they kept on telling me to ring their head office. When I called HO, nobody would answer the phone. I had to ring back the first number and ask for an email address. I would type an email and press SEND only to receive an out of office notification. So it felt like a waste of an afternoon. However….I made a moussaka (which Ben loves) and froze it in individual portions and then I made some chilli which is also in the freezer. It helps to cook and freeze for those nights when things are too crazy to cook. Ben does not like the supermarket ready meals here in the UK (whereas I can eat any kind of crap including popcorn). When I don’t want to cook, I would just eat salad or soup, But Ben needs proper food. He likes his meat, although I have been able to persuade him to cut down so he has no more than three meat dishes a week.

I have to love my characters, yes definitely. I care about them. I am not sure I am always in love with them because I make sure they have good points and bad points. Like this new character in our latest novella – I care for her, feel sorry for her, but I disapprove of the way she has stopped talking to her family and the way she goes about trying to meet someone new. But later on…things work out so that she tries to address some of her own behaviour. I always feel obliged to show my characters are human, they don’t just have desires and feelings, they also have a conscience and an outlook on life.

Don’t tell anyone this….(she says before putting it out there in the public domain)….but some of my characters are based on friends and ex-lovers. I have already used “Simon” and “Greg” for inspiration. But I have based my female characters on female friends. I don’t write about real life events – that’s pure fiction – but it is so helpful to think about their personalities and their mannerisms, expressions etc.

A gorgeous romantic full moon…I happen to be partial to a moon, especially a full moon myself…(lol I am laughing Dave because we have an insane friend who likes to moon in posh places).

If think I became more fun since I have been with Ben. I used to be more serious. I think I went through a weird stage after breaking up with my first boyfriend where I did not know who I was or what I wanted. But now I am settled, everything is more fun. Ben is fun…fun and funny. But he has made some good friends who have the same sense of humour, in fact I think the British humour is even funnier and Ben loves it. When they are here it gets very noisy.

Well, that’s me for now. I have had a large glass of wine and it is making me sleepy. Wine makes me talk nonsense. So I had better say goodnight.

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I was sad when I read your beautiful poem to Ben about you missing him. I really hope he comes home to you soon. The poem was very precious. I hope he knows how much he means to you, and I honestly can’t think of a single good reason why he wouldn’t propose to you, but that is between you two. I should stop pushing. πŸ˜‰

Jenna, I might feel just a little bit guilty for not writing as much as you do to me. However, I want you to know how much I appreciate you writing me. It’s very special and makes me feel warm when I read it.

Ok, bunny slippers! haha.. Sorry to insult your sophisticated fashion sense! In Asia, everything for women is all about “cute” – in Japan, it is called kawaii culture. Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Women today often prefer to be called cute over pretty or beautiful, so things like bunny slippers fit that cultural outlook. I forget that women are not like that all over the world. Incidentally, what type of slippers do you wear indoors, or do you wear any? In America, we only wear slippers in the winter to keep our feet warm. You must know that. In Asia, it is a staple clothing item indoors. They are usually much more practical than bunny slippers, though, haha.

The full moon was beautiful again tonight with a yellowish glow around it. It was such a peaceful feeling watching it. Now don’t let your mind wander and think of people mooning. That just ruins the whole thing.

Tip back another glass of wine, darling, and dream of Ben. I’m sure you will see him soon. Try to sleep well! πŸ€—πŸ€—

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Hey Stud…

Ignore my comment about our friend. I have not seen him for ages anyway. I just thought of him because whenever someone is telling us of one of his stunts, Ben always asks “was it a full moon? or a half moon?”

The real moon is a glory in the sky. I am a sucker for moon and stars…especially when stargazing in the arms of Hunky Monkey (aka Mr. B. O’Connor). While he is away I often feel as it it is the night skies that keep us connected – you know like that Disney Movie – “An American Tale”

Please don’t be feeling guilty about not writing as much. Simon explains it this way…according to him, the average man will speak 8,000 words a day, the average woman will speak 35,000 words a day, however Jenna Kirkpatrick can easily top 100,000 words by noon an on average day.

He has a solution to that. It’s hard to speak at all when you have a certain male member in your mouth.

Well…the debate on footwear has inspired me and I have been working on a post tonight about what Jenna wears on her feet. I think I will schedule it for next week some time. It will be called “Here Comes The Hot Stepper”…and is a fun post. You can take credit for it.

It is very interesting to hear about Japanese culture. We love travel (Ben has travelled more than me) and culture, cuisine, clothing are all something we take a huge interest in wherever we go. I may have had some bunny earmuffs when I was a kid, but if you tell anyone that, when you come to London for your book signing, I shall turn up with one of those floggers to inflict corporal punishment – lol. I think I am banned from saying anything more on the subject of flogging for now.

I have some very pretty (probably cute) Asian friends. Well, Asia is huge…I think I am thinking especially of my friends from China and Philippines who have very sweet features, petite noses, big round eyes, so pretty. Cute is lovely. I am only a tiny bit wary because I hate to see teenage girls (aka children) sexualized. It makes me sick to the stomach. Not that has anything to do with bunny slippers. As you will see from my post, I have not owned a pair of slippers for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember having any as a child. We grew up in a household where it was shoes off when you came through the door, to keep the carpets clean. I would normally run through the house barefoot and then put on some thick snuggly socks. Ben and I have a sock drawer each. We have a huge amount of socks between us. In the winter the kitchen floor is freezing so we always have socks on in this house.

Ben is back tomorrow! Maybe I will have a glass of wine and hopefully catch up on sleep before he comes. I do not intend on sleeping much tomorrow night. I am happy to wait on Ben with regards making an honest woman out of me. We both highly esteem marriage and family is a big thing, especially on Ben’s side. (I have always been split 50/50 between two camps of family.) I don’t think many people are planning much until 2020 is out of the way. It sometimes feels as if we are living in the middle of a Hollywood disaster movie.

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Hey, Jenna! Is your hottie back? Sorry I don’t have much time to write today. I hope you’ll have more time to spend with him this weekend and get the lovemaking that you have been missing with him away so long. Or do you have to social distance from each other? I hope not! Anyway, the most important thing is that you are both safe and healthy. Enjoy your weekend!! ❀


He is back. I have a huge smile on my face!

Last night was great! Today I am going to get through all his laundry and let him rest. He is shattered.

So Ben now has to quarantine for 14 days. I have already been in quarantine for over a week, but he seems to think that I might have to quarantine for the next 14 days because no, Ben and I have no plan to social distance from each other. I wanna see that in black and white. He is going check the website. That seems the only way to know the rules, but you have to keep checking because the rules change all the time. It’s a bit odd. Like, I get that this has been a big challenge for governments. Although I am cynical of politicians, I do totally get that this has been the biggest challenge they have had in a generation. I don’t get critical of how they have handles the pandemic only because they’ve been totally out of their depth. I honestly do not think one party would do better than another in a situation like this. this is a nightmare for them, and they are bound to make mistakes. But the chopping and changing rules is very confusing.

Hope you are having a great weekend too!

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Yay! He’s back! I’m so happy that you’re happy again, and that he arrived safely back with his princess. I think you have a great attitude toward the gov’s handling of the pandemic. It’s easy to blame someone in these tough times, but as you said, it is so unprecedented, it stretches everyone’s resources and patience. Stay healthy, both of you! ❀


I am liking the idea of being a Princess…

…Princess Gorgeous Adorable Devoted Playful Sex Kitten. Ben is sleepy today. I am gonna bake something now Dave. Dinner just needs warming up, But I have recipe for a peanut butter cake (he loved peanut butter) so I am gonna make that as I am sure he will like coffee and cake while he is at his desk over the next few days.

I think I am full of this desire to make a fuss of him. He expended himself so much when we were away. He was pushing himself and had to deal with crap. To finish a week behind schedule was not fair at all. Still he does not think he is going to get rapped for it. It’s easy to blame other stuff for the delays. There were some chaotic things beyond anyone’s control.

It’s all over, and he’s back safe and sound. I am going to look after him as I want him to take it easy for as long as it takes to get his mojo back. I will be his adoring slave for a few days.

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Oh my goodness, Princess Sex Kitten!! Ben is such a lucky prince with you around to take care of him. I can imagine that he was just as happy to return home as you were to see him. I think your devotion to him is so inspiring. I hope you continue that for as long as it takes. It sounds like you are both the cutest couple! As your friend, I’m very very happy for you. Truly, Jenna! Now get to baking. And make it hot and moist, mmm.


Jen, I saw your text. I am working tomorrow and Saturday.
I am locked out of my emails and my mobile has no credit :/
I will call you around 7 or 8 tomorrow. Jack will be doing another one of his Zoom sessions.

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