Raspberry Rippling Nippling

ADVISORY: Post features image and content suitable for adults only

The block editor seems to be a nemesis for some bloggers. I have even read of bloggers who have decided to leave WordPress and find another blogging platform. Whatever floats their boat. We started RASPBERRY RIPPLES in August and so we don’t know any better. But we are experimenting to understand how the different blocks work and if they work at all in Reader.

This week I am playing with a block called Media & Text, which is supposed to allow you to feature media and text within the same block. That sounds straightforward, but what I am learning quickly is that the way a block makes a website post may not work at all in Reader.

So in my experiment below, I am using a poem and an image which was our second ever post on this website. I am wondering will it work? Will it work in Reader? I have to admit that after these recent experiments, I am not putting any money on it!

To escape the stress of the world at large

He seeks a place where he can lay and rest

In the arms of a woman fond of him

He satisfies his hunger for her breast

As he suckles hard from her nipples sweet

She soothes and comforts him, stroking his hair

In her bosom he feels rare peace of mind

Lost in her breasts he’s without any care

He looks at the time and says he must go

Trailing her nipple across his closed lips

She tempts him to stay for an hour more

Gazing into her eyes he grabs her hips

Pulls her onto his lap and latches on

Persuaded by her he gives in to greed

And drinks more sweet nectar from her nipple

Lovers satisfying their mutual need

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