I Miss You

I’ve tried drinking milk and counting sheep

But without you it’s so hard to sleep

These last few nights I’ve sobbed and I’ve cried

Without my Benjamin by my side

There’s something sinister in the air

Something that tells me I should beware

And it’s making me more and more tense

I need you to help it all make sense

I just don’t like being on my own

Though I’m trying not to whinge and moan

Upon my Ben I’ve come to depend

You’re my North star, my very best friend

Every noise outside gives me a fright

I wish you were here to hold me tight

I’ve had nightmares that filled me with dread

That’s why I need you here in our bed

As I stare up at the moon above

I dream you’re here and we’re making love

That you’ll come home safe and soon I pray

And here beside me you’ll always stay

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